Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Professor Wendy Savage is coming to Thanet to address the “Save Our Health Services” meeting today at 7pm, Wednesday May 23 at The Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.

Professor Savage, the well-known campaigner for women’s rights in the NHS and co-chair of the national Keep Our NHS Public campaign, will speak about the threat to hospitals and GP services posed by new Government legislation.

Christine Tongue, one of the organisers of the meeting said: “We’re very excited that Professor Savage is coming to the meeting here in Thanet. It’s a mark of how important this issue is.”
The meeting is being held by Thanet Trades Union Council to discuss growing fears about the future of local health services in Thanet, east Kent, and what can done to fight back.

In particular there are worries about the loss of services from the area's main hospital, QEQM Margate and concerns over changes to GP practices.

Christine said: “We're inviting people to share their experience of the cuts so far and discuss what we want from the health service in Thanet. If people can’t make it to the meeting we’re asking them to email or phone us.

“It’s vital we get organised now – or we’ll end up being presented with cuts in our service and being able to do nothing about it.”

Also speaking at the meeting is independent Thanet councillor Ian Driver.


  1. Let's not forget the strong fringe left-wing political dimension to the meeting. Christin, in her press release omits to inform readers of the following:

    ‎"I JOINED the Labour Party because of the support for me from Labour Parties throughout the country", Dr Wendy Savage,"

    "I am an active member of my local Labour Party."

  2. At least Ian Driver is independent, shrieks with laughter and runs hysterically from the room. Can you imagine what a boring rant this meeting will be.


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