Friday, 25 May 2012


The June issue of Thanet Watch will be a special corruption issue, kicking off a series of investigations into murky activities in public life on the Isle.
The first article will look at one of the most scandalous stories in the recent history of the locality, involving flagrant misconduct in public office, property scams and even money forging.
Thanet Watch’s Norman Thomas claims the series will “shock, amaze and appall” readers.
“We’ve unearthed so many examples of corruption and dodgy goings on here,” he said, “It makes you wonder, why here? Is there something special about Thanet which attracts this kind of criminality?”
The record of Thanet Council, Mr Thomas claims, is not a pretty one, and this, he says, raises many important questions.
“I’d like to know the answer to this one: is it easier to be a crooked councillor in Thanet than elsewhere Britain? If so,why?”
 “I feel sorry for many Thanet councillors who, I know, work fantastically hard and selflessly for the community. Unfortunately, when revelations like this come out, they all tend to be tarred with the same brush.”
The magazine, now in its fourth issue, also tells the story of how Punk came to Thanet, an investigation into the threat to our libraries,  the real cost of Westwood Cross, a letter from a man having inappropriate dreams about MP Roger Gale, and the threat to our beaches from the horrible “sea vomit”
Plus: a full guide to entertainments and the arts in Thanet in June.

The special corruption issue of Thanet Watch, price 60p, is in newsagents across Thanet from Wednesday May 23.

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