Sunday, 20 May 2012

Apology/Press Release

It has come to my attention that a number of people were offended by a post on the Thanet Independent Group Blog. The post that I refer to was intended to be light hearted satire and in many ways similar to some of the posts made on Cllr Simon Moores' blog. It was made clear on the blog that the story was fictional;it was not directed towards any particular person. However, Cllrs Cohen and Driver thought that the post was inappropriate, and after reviewing the situation I came to the same conclusion, the post was subsequently removed and the blog was deleted. I would like to offer a sincere apology on behalf of the web team for any offence that may of been caused by the post.
John Worrow
Thanet Independent Group    


  1. An insincere disingenuous half apology if ever I saw one....

  2. If that was supposed to be light hearted satire I would hate to see what might be written if he really had it in for someone. This guy is a disgrace to local government, produces one nonsense after another and then insults a member of the public he is supposed to represent. He tops that by dismissing his clearly directed insult as light hearted and not directed at any one person although every body else knew who it was aimed at.

    Totally wrong that the good people of Birchington have to wait until the next elections in 2015 to remove this insidious clown. Oh, and just so there is no misunderstanding, this is not light hearted satire and it is directed at John Worrow.

  3. Simon Moores has written far worse, named people and offended the gay community

  4. Simon Moores has done no such thing and you know it John Worrow -the only reason there is an excuse for an 'apology' is becausse you know there is nowhere to hide with this one

  5. anon 18.04.I do not think that simon has written anything of the kind,What i do think is that worrow has offended not only his own kind,but also the majority of Thanet voters,I shall also be making a "standard" complaint on monday morning.

  6. @ Anon 18:04 provide links or it never happened! Worrow/Driver/etc and etc are just miffed that their attack back fired and they were seen in a bad light.. hence the blog removal. How Worrow ever got elected is beyond me, really what a joke that man is, I can only assume that as Birchington is called "The Village" he must be its idiot in residence!

  7. How much longer Hart is your Group going to allow your poor judgement to stay as Leader, you had enough good advice in all the Blogs, Worrow will be your downfall if I were you he would be sent packing before your group decide you are the real liability


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