Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Local farmland and industrial estates have been targeted in the latest
Cleansweep operation led by Thanet District Council.

Taking place on Wednesday 16 May, Cleansweep involved officers from the
council’s Enforcement Services, Community Safety and Planning teams
who visited all Thanet farms and six industrial estates.  

Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue teams were also involved in the
all-day operation, along with supervised teams from the Kent Probation
Service’s Community Payback. 

The operation was a great success, with the paperwork of more than 50
foreign nationals checked, and the possible identification of eight
people not legally entitled to work in the UK. Officers from the UK
Border Agency are now in the process of conducting their investigations.

Other benefits of Cleansweep included the clearing of rubbish from two
large pieces of land by Community Payback workers, and the issue of 10
parking tickets. 

And more than 100 people on the farms and industrial estates were given
advice and information relating to fire safety and planning

In the past, the ongoing Cleansweep operations have proved to be of
enormous benefit in highlighting hazards or illegal practices in shops
and other properties. 

Cllr Clive Hart, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Regulatory Services,
said: “Farms and industrial estates form an integral part of
Thanet’s local economy. Therefore it’s essential that such places
of work maintain public confidence and adhere to the highest standards.

“The latest Cleansweep has proved to be an enormously positive
exercise, with farmers and those working on industrial estates giving
their overwhelming support.”

Cllr Hart added: “I’d like to thank all those involved in the
Cleansweep operation for their assistance, including our partner
agencies whose support has been invaluable.” 

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