Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sea more on the sea shore

As summer approaches, local people are invited to get out and about to explore their coastline through a number of exciting Seashore Safaris around the Thanet Coast.
These Seashore Safaris provide the chance to explore what lurks beneath the high tide in a number of bays around our chalk coastline. They are particularly suitable for young children (4-11s) accompanied by parents or grandparents – although provides an ideal activity for the whole family to see our coastal wildlife in close up!   Participants are urged to book their places online, and will be equipped to explore our chalk rocky shore and rockpools to discover our elusive seashore and marine life. 
The Seashore Safaris start at Minnis Bay, Birchington at 9am on Wednesday 30 July, and St Mildred’s Bay, Westgate at 9am on Thursday 31 July. They continue at the Nayland Rock, Margate Main Sands at 9:30am on Friday 1 August, and then start at Botany Bay, Kingsgate at 10:00am on Saturday 2 August; then Louisa Bay, Broadstairs at 10:30am on Sunday 3 August and end at Dumpton Gap at 11am on Monday 4 August. All events last for 2 hours.
Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services Cllr Mike Harrison said: “Thanet has a huge resource of 250 hectares of coastal chalk reef, indented by our beautiful sandy bays, and is both nationally and internationally important for its marine and bird life. These Seashore Safaris provide an ideal opportunity for families to enjoy our superb coastline and explore amongst the rockpools, looking out for marine wildlife that we share our coastline with, right on our very doorstep.’
The Thanet Coast events are part of the ‘North East Kent Marine Protected Area’ (NEKMPA) interpretation events and are run with help of volunteer Coastal Wardens, with support from Natural England and Thanet District Council.  All these events are free to attend. Further information is available online and people are advised to book early on these events at www.thanetcoast.org.uk or call the Thanet Visitor Information Centre on (01843) 577577 if you do not have access to the internet.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Jeremy Deller: English Magic at Turner Contemporary

This autumn Turner Contemporary presents the full spectrum and final UK showcase of contemporary British artist Jeremy Deller’s (B.1966) English Magic exhibition, commissioned by the British Council for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

For the first time in its history, the exhibition is touring the UK, giving people a rare opportunity to see the critically acclaimed exhibition on British shores. The UK tour of the exhibition is supported by the Art Fund – the national fundraising charity for art – with additional generous support from Arts Council England. The exhibition first toured to the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, in January 2014 and then to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in April.

To accompany English Magic at Turner Contemporary Deller has selected a number of JMW Turner’s paintings, watercolours and sketchbooks of Venice which will be shown alongside a selection of John Ruskin’s drawings from The Stones of Venice (1851-3).

English Magic further explores the artist’s ongoing interest in the diverse nature of British society: its people, myths and folklore as well as its broad cultural, socio-political and economic history. Deller weaves together high and low, popular and rarefied to create unique and thought-provoking work. Collectively the works on display question what Englishness really means today, referencing iconic objects, moments and figures from the historical and recent past and beyond, into an imagined future.

Throughout the exhibition Deller plays with the idea of magic, acknowledging that it can be both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Twenty-first century capitalism is also critiqued in a number of works such as the large-scale mural We Sit Starving Amidst our Gold, in which the Victorian designer and socialist William Morris is imagined capsizing the yacht of a Russian oligarch. In the same room, examples of Morris’ work are displayed alongside material from the era following the break-up of the Soviet Union when financial schemes were introduced to a population naïve to the extremes of a new market economy. Large-scale painted murals and banners are shown alongside objects such as Palaeolithic hand axes and flints, drawings of political figures associated with the invasion of Iraq by former soldiers, and documents relating to both David Bowie’s UK tour in 1972 and the concurrent unrest in Northern Ireland.

Jeremy Deller is known for his conceptual artworks that engage with aspects of popular and traditional culture and are characterised by their lightness of touch and open, collaborative approach. Acid Brass(1996), in which Acid House music was arranged for brass bands was famously performed at the opening of Tate Modern while Sacrilege, a full-scale bouncy castle Stonehenge, toured the UK as part of the London 2012 Festival.

In 2006 Turner Contemporary commissioned Deller and frequent collaborator Alan Kane to make Steam Powered Internet Machine, which sought to connect the industrial and the digital revolutions.

English Magic opens at Turner Contemporary on 11 October 2014 and runs until 11 January 2015.

Image credit: 

Jeremy Deller, A Good Day for Cyclists, Painted by Sarah Tynan
Courtesy of British Pavilion 2013
Turner Contemporary
Kent CT9 1HGTel: +44 (0) 1843 233 000Fax: +44 (0)1843 233029
Tuesday to Sunday and
bank holidays 10am - 6pm
(Closed Mondays)
Cafe opening times:
Tuesday to Sunday and bank holidays 10am - 4.30pm
(Closed Mondays)

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Bank Holiday Monday Klezmer Concert in the Park

Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage
presents Klezmer in King George VI Park
at the Italianate Greenhouse, King George VI Park, Ramsgate
featuring Shir, the complete Jewish music group
on BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY, 25th AUGUST, from 3.00pm.

All welcome – free entrance

Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage is delighted to be participating in the Ramsgate Summer Squall for the first time. Further details of the entire Ramsgate Summer Squall programme can be found on the its website: http://ramsgatearts.org/a-summer-squall

The five musicians, comprising the Shir group, come from different musical backgrounds (classical, jazz and gypsy folk) and  perform Klezmer, Yiddish, Sephardi and Ladino music.  Formed by Maurice Chernick in 1997, the group has become a major force on the UK Jewish music scene performing concerts and fulfilling the original function of the Klezmorim – entertaining at Simchas - Jewish parties.  Further details of the Shir musicians can be found in the attachment.  The group will be performing outside Sir Moses’ Italianate Greenhouse which can be best approached from Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate (CT11 8BD).

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Manston Airport – Minister pledges help with licensing issues

The Aviation Minister, Robert Goodwill, has told the House of Commons that the department of Transport is “more than happy to help with any Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensing issues” relating to the future of Manston Airport. 

Commenting on remarks made by North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, during a debate on Regional Airports the Minister said that “the tale of Manston is, I am afraid, rather an unhappy one so far although I am heartened by the fact that the local authority (TDC) is looking into what it can do and I spoke to the Leader of the Council last week”. 

During the debate Sir Roger had reminded the House of Manston`s history saying that: 

“It (Manston) was acquired by Ann Gloag of Stagecoach on 30th November last year. Mrs. Gloag told me on that date that she intended to invest heavily and give the airport two years.  On budget Day, less than four months after the acquisition, she announced that it would close.  That was in my view an act of vandalism.  Manston shut in May in spite of the fact that RiverOak had put on the table an offer of the asking price of £7 million. Since that time the airport has been asset-stripped.” 

Sir Roger continued: 

“My Hon. Friend the Member for Thanet South (Laura Sandys) and I met with Sir Howard Davies (who is conducting a review of runway capacity in the South East) recently. He rightly said that while Manston was not under consideration as a hub airport he thought that the south-east would need all the runway capacity on offer and then some. In that context, again, we cannot afford to lose Manston. 

Thanet`s controlling Labour Group proposed to give to the Cabinet powers to seek a compulsory purchase order last week. That proposition was seconded by the leader of the Conservative Opposition and it has the full support of Laura Sandys and me. I hope that it will, if necessary, have the support of Government. We expect that a CPO decision will be taken by Thanet`s cabinet by the end of the month. We think, with Thanet and, I believe, the nation that airfield has the potential to serve the Country as a freight hub and we want it to be re-opened for that purpose” 

And the MP added: 

“ The Select Committee on Transport has, I understand, agreed to undertake an inquiry into the whole business of regional airports and I hope that as part of that process evidence will be taken from Manston and also, perhaps, from Mrs. Gloag in person who would, I am sure, be delighted to appear before the Select Committee and to explain her actions”. 

Sir Roger Gale MP pledges to become a coastal champion

Roger Gale MP for  the North Thanet constituency has pledged to champion our coasts and tackle the economic decline of coastal regions by making sure that local fishing communities are prioritised not penalised, when it comes to the allocation of fishing quota and access to fish for small-scale fishermen in our area of Kent.

 At an event at the House of Commons on Monday organised by Greenpeace and NUTFA, the representative body for small-scale fishermen, X was joined by tem MPs. and fishermen from across the coast. They promised to raise the issues facing small scale fishermen and coastal communities onto the agenda and into election manifestos across the political parties. They signed up to a five-step plan aimed at regenerating the UK’s inshore waters, fisheries and communities. 

 Small scale fishermen , our most sustainable fleet, make up over three quarters of the entire UK fleet, but currently they only have access to four per cent of the UK’s quota. The remaining quota is handed to larger scale industry, including huge foreign owned fishing vessels. This has meant the number of UK coastal fishermen who can afford to make a living from fishing has declined and coastal communities, such as X, have suffered social, environmental and economic knock on effects.
 Last year the European legislation, the Common Fisheries Policy was reformed after sustained lobbying from fishermen, MPs, MEPs and green groups. This legislation now says that governments should give more quota to, coastal fishermen who fish sustainably and bring economic and social benefits to local communities. The campaigners say that this needs to be implemented in order to rebuild sustainable fishing businesses and protect our marine environment. This should also put a halt to the current system that allows large chunks of British quota to fall into the hands of a few foreign fishing businesses, at the expense of local fishermen and the fish stocks that they depend on.

Roger said:
“I know that the fishing community in North Thanet and in Kent has really suffered over the years and it’s time to turn the tide so that our local fishermen who bring most benefit to our community and the health of our seas are prioritised not penalised. That’s why I have pledged today to become a coastal champion to do all I can in parliament to ensure that the fishermen and the fish that they depend on are supported.”

 Nina Schrank, Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace said:
“The new European legislation is designed to reward sustainable fishermen; it’s a golden opportunity that the government must not miss. If implemented properly, it will boost fish stocks, bolster home-grown sustainable fishing and breathe new life into our coastal communities up and down the country. It’s time stop destructive, foreign owned vessels hoovering up fish stocks while lining their pockets with subsidies and the sale of fish caught from our shores. The reform of this legislation was not won easily, now it’s up to the government to turn it into a reality here along the UK’s coasts.”

 Jerry Percy, Chief Executive of NUTFA said:
“Once busy and thriving, many coastal fishing communities have crumbled, fishing harbours turned into yacht parks and fishing beaches that are no longer home to fishing boats. This is the reality for much of modern coastal England. But there is hope. Hope in new legislation sensibly implemented, hope in the realisation that smaller scale fishermen are not the problem  but a solution to many of the challenges facing us and hope that politicians will recognise the wealth that has been lost, but is there to be regained in terms of jobs, fish stocks  and reinvigorated communities.” 

Spend your summer in Margate - enjoy great art, creative activities and a Summer of Colour


The summer holidays are here soon and Margate is awash with colour!
As The Cultural Voyager states, we have "two world class exhibitions which explore artists’ use of light, colour and form” - Mondrian and Colour and Spencer Finch: The Skies can't keep their secret
But that's not all! We have family workshops every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, lots of family activitiesColour Walks, the Red Ladies are in town, theRIBA Sandcastle Challenge is happening on Margate beach, plus much more at the gallery, in Margate and the surrounding area of Thanet as part of our Summer of Colour.
We also have the beach on our doorstep, a cafe, shop and plenty of things to see and do in our hometown.

Family workshops
Every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday
1 - 4pm, drop in at Turner Contemporary
Easy Sundays
Experiment with colour and make large scale sculptures at our alternating weekend activitiesColour Collage and Build and Play.
Build and Print, Wed 6 & Thu 7 Aug
Use print to build colourful compositions and patterns inspired by Margate and Mondrian with artist Emrys Plant.
True Colour of Light and Matter, 13 & 14 Aug
Explore colour and light with scientists from theUniversity of Kent and build your own spectrascope.
Colour Catwalk, Sun 24 Aug
Make your own ready-to-wear pieces with jewellery designer Tatty Divine, milliner Jordan Gene Bowen, wool artist Dan Chilcott and fashion designers Luca Marchetto and Julian J Smith
Animate Boogie Woogie, Wed 27 & Thu 28 Aug
The artist Mondrian loved Disney films, and at this workshop you can try your hand at making your own animation with artist Reza Ben Gajra.
£3.50 per child, free for adults, under 3s and CT9 postcode residents

Family activities
National Play Day, Wed 6 Aug
10am - 2pm Ellington Park Ramsgate
A day of free activities in Thanet. Go to Ellington Park in Ramsgate and our Build and Print workshop.

RIBA Sandcastle Challenge, Sat 9 Aug
10am - 3pm
Free - register now >
Show off your sandcastle making skills to be in with the chance to win prizes.

Light Steps, Sun 10 Aug, 11am & 3pm
Light-Steps is a new 45 minute performance piece for young audiences (3+) and their families, choreographed by Adesola Akinleye, inspired by the work of Spencer Finch.

Craft Club, Sat 26 Jul & Sat 30 Aug
Free, 1 - 4pm 
Learn to knit, sew, crochet and more at our monthly club with craft enthusiasts.

The Red Ladies are in Margate!
Tue 22, Wed 23, Fri 25 & Sat 26 July
The Red Ladies are on their way!  An undisclosed number of identically dressed women plan to infiltrate Margate with a series of mysterious missions before rendezvousing at the Theatre Royal Margate to perform their theatrical demonstration in five movements.

Red Ladies Missions
23, 25 & 26 July
Across Margate, be vigilant!
Red Ladies performances
25 & 26 Jul, 7.30pm, Theatre Royal Margate, £15
A Clod Ensemble performance. Produced in association with Fuel. Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England, through New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood. Supported by Turner Contemporary.
Feel the joy of being by the sea in a colourful explosion of dance, performance, theatre, art and activity in Margate and the surrounding area of Thanet, inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian.
Every week, experience something colourful, new and exciting.
Take a look at our dedicated website for all the events and share your Summer of Colour
Margate has everything for the perfect day trip or weekend stay - seaside walks, fun on the beach, boutique shops, independent cafes and restaurants, the famous Shell Grotto, Dreamland Visitor and Learning Centre, Margate theatres and museum and more. 
So why not make a day of it!
Go to visitthanet.co.uk to plan your trip.

That we're a charity. Your generous donation can help us continue our work.


With thanks to our Summer of Colour supporters:


Summer of Colour. Photo Manu Palomeque
Red Ladies. Photo Jessica Walsh.
RIBA Sandcastle Challenge. Courtesy of RIBA.
Margate. Photo Christos Ioannou.

Turner Contemporary
Kent CT9 1HGTel: +44 (0) 1843 233 000Fax: +44 (0)1843 233029
Tuesday to Sunday and
bank holidays 10am - 6pm
(Closed Mondays)
Cafe opening times:
Tuesday to Thursday
10am - 5.30pm
Friday and Saturday
10am -10pm
Sunday including bank holidays 10am - 5.30pm
(Closed Mondays)

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As part of A Summer Squall multi-arts festival, which takes place in Ramsgate on the Kent 
coast from Saturday 23 – Monday 25 August, we would like to invite an artist to be in 
residence in Ramsgate beginning Friday 8 August and continuing until Monday 25 
August. The commitment may extend beyond 25 August to complete the project. 
A Summer Squall is a lynchpin project produced by Ramsgate Arts which was established 
in 2009 as a collaboration of artistic endeavours, aiming to introduce new artists, 
showcase national professional artists and encourage the exploration of creative art with 
the community. 
Funding has been awarded by Arts Council England for the 4th successive year and for 
this project specifically. This support, and that of other trusts, foundations and local 
businesses is testament to the continued growth and creative development inspired by the 
festival, which last year attracted over 20,000 people and hopes to encourage even more 
in 2014. 
As part of the festival, we are introducing a new opportunity to transform a public space, 
namely, a public lavatory block, constructed of concrete, which sits by the royal harbour, 
juxtaposed alongside the marvellous Victorian Royal Pavilion (currently closed) and the 
newly re-opened Ramsgate Maritime Museum, in the Grade II – listed Georgian clock 
house. A few feet from the block is the obelisk which commemorates the visit of King 
George IV in 1821, when he gave the harbour his royal seal of approval. 
The Criteria 
We are looking for an artist who is able to transform the chosen structure into something 
worthy of admiration. The artist will be chosen for their ability to interact and engage with 
the public as well as their artistic ideas. The residency will be based in the beautiful and 
historical town of Ramsgate. Applications are invited from artists who either live or work in 
East Kent. 
The Brief 
To use the building as a canvas and design an image or series of images to transform it 
from a dull block into something of beauty. We are interested in the concept of trompe 
d’oeil, using the heritage of the area for inspiration, but we are inviting the chosen artist to  
© Ramsgate Arts, December 2009 2 
suggest and carry out a design that the town will feel proud to have featuring in this very 
prime busy location. 
Please send a minimum of three and no more than six images of your work and a brief 
proposal, approximately 500 words, explaining how you would intend to produce the 
artwork and how you will engage the community in the project. 
The Timeframe 
Proposals need to be submitted by 5pm Monday 21 July 
Interviews will be held on Friday 25 July 
Submissions should be emailed to ginabstocken@googlemail.com 
The commission for this residency is £1700. Material costs and any supporting artists for delivery 
are considered in the budget of the project and will be discussed at the interviews. 
For further information please visit www.ramsgatearts.org or contact me if you would like to 
discuss it further. 


The first ever Thanet Freedom Festival is going to be held on Saturday 19 July at the historic Cliftonville Lido in Margate

In the spirit of the previous years festivals, Love Music, Hate Racism, the aim of the festival, is to bridge cultural differences and build a more cohesive community in Thanet.

This will be a free day festival with a live music open air stage near the seafront and a DJ stage in the bar together with stalls from the area’s diverse ethnic communities and people involved in community-building in the area.

There will be food, dance, a retro market and a glittering array of local performers. The festival will, the organisers hope, send a powerful anti-racist message to the world.

“The festival will be an implicitly anti-racism festival in an area where we have witnessed increased racism and where racists are gaining ground,” says Cris Johnson, one of the organisers.

“We want to strengthen links and build a more cohesive community. We seek to bridge cultural differences and show that we can all co-exist peacefully and constructively together.

“By putting on a cultural exchange which showcases the talents of members of our community, we can then better illustrate the divisive nature of the mainstream political debate and the right wing policies that portray our immigrant communities in a negative light.

“By working with trade unions in the creation of this event we will strengthen the sense of working class solidarity.”

Added Cris: “We decided to turn a good cause into a family-fun day to promote and support multiculturalism and anti-racism.”

More details of the bands and performers taking part will be released nearer the time. More info: Cris Johnson  07741493687

Monday, 14 July 2014

10 July 2014 TDC Council Meeting Webcast

'Seaweed and their secrets' free guided walk

Local people and visitors are invited to find out all about ‘seaweeds and their secrets’ on the Thanet coastline this summer through a free guided walk with the National History Museum expert.
Thanet – and the North East Kent Marine Protected Area - is home to many different types of seaweed that have adapted to our chalk coastline. Many of these show great variety, properties and uses – and local people and visitors have the chance to find out more on two guided walks this summer with seaweed expert Ian Tittley from the Natural History Museum. 
‘Seaweed and their Secrets’ walks take place at Dumpton Gap at 11am on 19 July and in Botany Bay, Broadstairs at 9am on 30 August and both will last for two hours.  They are most suitable for a slightly older audience of over 14 year olds. People are requested to wear suitable footwear for the walks on the chalk reef and rock pools, and to book their place online as places are limited.   
Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Cllr Mike Harrison said: “Thanet has the longest continuous stretch of coastal chalk in the country and is internationally important for marine life right here on our doorstep – so it’s a good opportunity for people to find out more about our beautiful coastline and its wildlife. The Thanet Coast Project plays host to expert Ian Tittley from the Natural History Museum, to help unlock the secrets about seaweeds on our coast. For instance, some types of algal communities are only found here in Thanet’s chalk sea caves and nowhere else in the world!”
The Thanet Coast events are free. They are part of the ‘North East Kent Marine Protected Area’ (NEKMPA) interpretation events and are run with help of volunteers, with support from Natural England and Thanet District Council.  
Further information is available on the website and people are advised to book on a walk online at www.thanetcoast.org.uk as spaces are limited, or call the Thanet Visitor Information Centre on (01843) 577577 if you do not have access to the internet.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thanet Council - Council discuss compulsory purchase of Manston Airport

Council discuss compulsory purchase of Manston Airport

A petition of almost 8,000 signatures was presented to Thanet District Council tonight (Thursday 10 July) calling for the authority to make a compulsory purchase of Manston Airport.
In addition, the petition, organised by the Save Manston Group asked the council to ‘look into the possibility of members of the public to buy bonds into this purchase.’
Council Leader, Iris Johnston, also submitted a notice of motion at the Full Council meeting expressing the council’s considerable disappointment at the airports closure, urging all available options to be explored and calling for a detailed examination of a potential CPO to be explored.*
Councillors noted the petition and motion and referred both to the next Cabinet meeting on Thursday 31 July.
Next steps
An extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet will also now be held on Thursday 17 July.
At this meeting a report will be put to members outlining the process for selecting a third party to underwrite the council in the event the authority decides to apply for a CPO. This is the process needed to ensure that the council has the appropriate funds in place to support this, should the decision for CPO go ahead.
At the meeting, Cabinet will also discuss the proposal of the public buying bonds put forward as part of the Save Manston Group petition.
A final decision on CPO however will not be made until a more detailed options paper is taken to Cabinet at a later date. This would also consider the findings of an independent report which will set out whether in the eyes of an industry expert, Compulsory Purchase of the airport is realistic for the council. The report is expected in the coming weeks.
Council Leader, Cllr Iris Johnston said: “This is a crucial step forward in the council’s considerations around compulsory purchase of the airport. Before deciding whether we should proceed, we have a duty to ensure we’ve considered all of the relevant legal and financial implications this would entail and that we understand the risks fully.
“There is strong public feeling around a quick resolution for the airport and we appreciate the frustration being expressed. I’d like to assure members of the public that work around this continues as a priority, but emphasise in the strongest terms that we need to ensure we manage the legal and financial risks appropriately before making such a big decision.”
* Full notice of motion: “Council affirms its considerable disappointment at the recent closure of Manston as a regional airport. We recognise the public support for its continuation as an airport and endorse the steps taken to date towards that objective. Council urges all available options to that end be explored, including a detailed examination of the legal and financial implications of a Compulsory Purchase Order before a final decision is reached.”

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ramsgate launches its own Summer of Colour with a big town clean up campaign

For the summer season, starting as schools close and family holidays begin on 24 July, Ramsgate town centre is encouraging its shops and businesses to create its own SUMMER OF COLOUR, forging a link with Margate’s Turner Contemporary gallery and its season of work inspired by Mondrian.

To accompany a deep clean of the town centre’s paving and roads, organized and funded by Thanet District Council and Ramsgate Town Council, our Town Team have linked up with the Town Promoter to encourage shops and businesses to bring much-needed colour to the town.

Whether it’s putting flowers in tubs or pots in the doorway or window, hanging bunting up to decorate, or cleaning the shop-fronts and weeding, it’s not difficult to make the whole town look brighter.

It’s all about making the town feel like summer and to encourage visitors to explore the vibrant town centre we’re lucky to have. The Town Council have put huge pots with palms around the area and planting’s been done in the brick raised beds. Now it’s the turn of businesses to show what they can do and join the Summer of Colour campaign.

Photos of premises can be sent in to the Town Promoter via suzyhumphries@talktalk.net. They’ll go online to show off the hard work being done.

At the end of the summer season, a Brighter Ramsgate trophy will be awarded to the business that the Town Council feel have created a difference to their part of town. Come on everyone, let’s show what we can do and give Ramsgate a fantastic Summer of Colour!

Contact details:
Suzy Humphries / Town Promoter                    Ramsgate Town Council  /  www.ramsgatetown.org
07939 542990 / suzyhumphries@talktalk.net   01843 598751 / dean.williams@ramsgatetc.org.uk   
Turner Contemporary details: www.summerofcolour.org

Supported by:

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