Thursday, 31 May 2012


Thanet councillor John Worrow has made an impassioned plea to Prime Minister David Cameron to take action against attitudes among Thanet’s Tories which, he claims, have led to a “hate crime” against him.
Councillor Worrow was told by police last night (May 30) that they had traced a malicious phone left on his voicemail to Conservative councillor Ken Gregory.
Councillor Gregory left a message saying “With a bit of luck you’ll get aids.”
The police told Mr Worrow that they had decided to let Councillor Gregory off with a caution, as this was his first offence of this kind.
Mr Worrow said Ken Gregory “cannot possibly remain a member of the Conservative Party or a member of Thanet District Council” and said that he expected a full apology at the next council meeting.
 Interviewed exclusively by Thanet Watch TV, Mr Worrow addressed David Cameron personally.  He asked the Prime Minister to give an assurance that bisexual, gay and other minorities could join the Tory party without experiencing this kind of abuse.
He said he felt he and his colleagues felt there could be a “hate campaign” against them and asked Cameron to contact local Conservatives and tell them to “lay off.”
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For the full story of John Worrow’s experiences with North Thanet Conservative Association see this month’s edition of Thanet Watch magazine.
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