Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thanet Councillor Jo Gideon shortlisted for Conservative candidate for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

 Local councillor Jo Gideon has been shortlisted in the selection of the Conservative candidate for the new Police and Crime Commissioner role in Kent. Jo brings a wealth of experience not only from her nine years as a Thanet District Councillor, but also as a social entrepreneur and business woman.
Jo’s campaign website gives you more background:
She pledges to:

·        champion public concerns
·        set clear priorities by which success is measured
·        identify non priorities
·        look at the commissioning process and current commitments
·        meet with other statutory agencies to identify common aims and objectives
·        assess current budgets and efficiency plans
·        look at the balance between prevention and detection
·        commission innovative solutions and
·        require best value for contracts including social return on investment

Why did she apply?
“The Commissioner’s role is not just about policing. It’s about understanding every community’s views and galvanising Kent’s joined up approach to reduce crime further. This is a very challenging and complex role. It’s like fitting together all the bits of a difficult jigsaw.  If done right, this could deliver really great opportunities for local communities to set their own priorities and deliver stronger and safer neighbourhoods across the whole of Kent. It’s about giving more power to the people and using taxpayers’ money more effectively at grassroots level – that’s why I see this as a hugely important role, and not one for a single agenda candidate.”
Mobile: 07786 118881
Twitter account @jo4pcckent  

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