Thursday, 31 May 2012

Statement from Cllr Bob Bayford

It has come to my attention that Cllr Ken Gregory has received a police caution for an offence against another Council member.

The TDC Conservative Group demands the highest standards of conduct from its members and I have decided to suspend group membership from Cllr Gregory with immediate effect, pending further consideration of the situation.

For the time being, I will assume responsibility for shadowing the Housing and Planning portfolio.


  1. Now that is acting promptly and properly. Suspend pending further consideration is the correct way to go. Why has Clive Hart not done the same with Mike Harrison?

    1. Anon 16.11, the tories have not acted as promptly as you state. In both cases the allegations have been known for some time. It is only when cllr Gregory has been found guilty by the police causion being issed that he was suspended. You must also remember that cllr Ezekiel was not suspended by the party even though he is accused of the very serious crimes of misconduct in a public office and fraud.

    2. And if the allegations had proved to be false you'd have happily tarnished the record of a TDC Councillor for no reason?

      In this land I believe we still operate on the "innocent until proven guilty" ruling don't we? Or as you seem to be saying maybe we should immediately lock up, suspend, dismiss everyone based upon an allegation?

      I'm not defending anyones actions, Cllr Harrison and Cllr Gregory have both behaved badly and should now face the consequences.

  2. 16.44 is wrong on both counts. No one knew who the person was who made the call until last night and Cllr Ezekiel has been suspended.


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