Wednesday, 30 May 2012


As a Labour Group and a council administration we always want to promote the Equalities and Diversity agenda in our community.
I have been advised that a member of the council alleges he has been a victim of homophobic abuse and has reported the matter to the Police.
I therefore urge all councillors to allow any investigation to run its course and not comment further on this matter, so as not to prejudice the outcome.
Cllr Clive Hart


  1. Sir, Sir! Michael's calling me names.

    Get over yourselves.

    1. Belittling people is a type of bullying. All bullying allergations need to be investigated

    2. For heaven's sake, Jim, what kind of a world do you want. Recently I read that last year over 80,000 children were said to have committed racist abuse and this included a three year old. When I was at school we had people called Fatty, Arsey, Smelly, Shorty, Ginge and sundry other less than complimentary titles attributed out of their looks or behaviour. Was that so bad or does it help you to come to terms with the world. I was bullied for my first two years at secondary school until I developed as a fast bowler for my age. Then I roughed up the bullies with a few bouncers in inter form and house cricket matches. Part of growing up and did me no harm.

      Then the army and nicknames frequently attached out of where you came from and so we had Geordie, Yorkie, Taff, Jock, Mick, Paddy and Turnip plus even less complimentary titles for the mishaped or inadequate. Despite that we served together, sometimes went through tough times and came out as friends. There was no malice in it and we had a sense of humour.

      Now, it would seem, you dare not even laugh less someone is offended by it. After all, offence is giving if your words or conduct are perceived as offensive to the recipient. What kind of nonsense is that.

  2. It's taken Cllr Hart until he is able to claim he can't comment for him to comment...handy eh?

  3. Looks as if he was pushed by Moores on ThanetLife

  4. So Councillors shouldnt comment on the matter apart from Cllr Driver who gets the podium at Overview last night in front of Cllrs Hart, Poole, Fenner and Worrow (and the attending press by the way) and gets to demand Harrisons resignation as Vice-Chair of Overview even though Driver is himself the complainant? The group left the meeting soon after the statement so clearly they knew the statement was coming.

    This surely cannot be appropriate whatever the allegations. If it's gone to Standards, it cannot be an issue for discussion in any other Committee.


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