Friday, 18 May 2012


Last night’s (Thursday 17 May) Annual Council meeting saw elections and appointments to key council positions for the year ahead.   

Labour’s Cllr. Doug Clark retained the Chairmanship of the Council along with party colleague Cllr. Kay Dark as the Vice-Chairman.

Cllr. David Green was named the Cabinet member for Housing and Planning, a new Cabinet portfolio introduced for the first time at the meeting. Shadow Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning is Cllr. Ken Gregory.

Thanet Independent Group chairs three of the Council’s main committees with Cllr. Ian Driver named as Chairman of the Council’s watchdog body the Overview and Scrutiny Panel, along with Vice-Chairman Labour’s Cllr. Mike Harrison. Cllr. Jack Cohen was named as Chairman of the Planning Committee with Labour’s Cllr. Peter Campbell as Vice-Chairman and Cllr. John Worrow takes charge of the Governance and Audit Committee with Conservative’s Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson as Vice- Chairman.

Labour’s Cllr. Richard Nicolson was named Chairman of the Licensing Board with Vice-Chairman party colleague Cllr. Corinna Huxley.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. Clive Hart, said: “These appointments show that we are continuing with close cross party working at the Council. This is important to enable us to be able to build on our successes and gain the best results for the Thanet community.”

Formal appointments for 2012/13:

Overview and Scrutiny Panel Chairman
Cllr. Ian Driver
Thanet Independent Group
Overview and Scrutiny Vice-Chairmen
Cllr. Mike Harrison
Planning Committee Chairman
Cllr. Jack Cohen
Thanet Independent Group
Planning Committee Vice-Chairman
Cllr. Peter Campbell
Licensing Board Chairman
Cllr. Richard Nicolson
Licensing Board Vice-Chairman
Cllr. Corinna Huxley
Governance and Audit Committee Chairman
Cllr. John Worrow
Thanet Independent Group
Governance and Audit Committee Vice-Chairman
Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson
Joint Transformation Board Vice-Chairman
Cllr. Steven Alexandrou

Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet appointments:

Cabinet Member (Labour)
Shadow Cabinet Member (Conservative)
Corporate Regulatory and Strategic Economic
Development Services

CCTV, Street Scene Enforcement, Land Charges, Licensing, Environmental Health, including integrated Pollution Control, Statutory Nuisance, Food Safety and External Health and Safety, Democratic Services including Electoral Management, Member Services and Legal Services, Strategic elements of Economic Development & Regeneration

Cllr. Clive Hart
Cllr. Bob Bayford
Community Services

Community Safety, Economic Development & regeneration, Margate Task Force, Culture, Events, Community Development, Cultural Development, Indoor and Outdoor Leisure, Safeguarding Children, Play Areas, Sport, Thanet Coast Project, Youth, Tourism, Thanet Leisure Force, Water Safety and Beach Services

Cllr. Iris Johnson
Cllr. Chris Wells
Housing & Planning

Housing Intervention, Private Sector Housing, Housing Needs/ Homelessness, Housing Strategy, Client-side East Kent Housing,   Building Control, Strategic Planning, Planning Applications, Planning Enforcement, Conservation

Cllr.  David Green
Cllr. Ken Gregory
Commercial Services

Foreshore, Allotments, Property Management (including asset disposal, acquisition and asset management), Emergency Planning & Business Continuity, Kent Innovation Centre, Media Centre, Port of Ramsgate, Ramsgate Royal Harbour Marina, Broadstairs and Margate Harbours, Cemeteries and Crematorium, Coastal Engineering, Commercial Property, Grounds Maintenance, Parks and Open Spaces Management (including Trees), Playground Maintenance, Public Toilets, Street Cleaning, Waste and Recycling.  Street Naming and Numbering, Off Street Parking, On Street Parking including Temporary Road Closure Orders

Cllr.  Alan Poole
Cllr.  Simon Moores
Financial Services

Capital, Treasury Management, HRA and Insurance, Budget Setting, Monitoring and Final Accounts, Income, Payments, Systems Control and Improvement, East Kent Audit Partnership

Cllr. Rick Everitt
Cllr. Martin Wise
Business Services

Business Information and Improvement, Information and Communications (including Records and Data Management), Business Support and Compliance (including Corporate Governance), Policy and Business
Planning (including Performance Management), Procurement and Contracts, Business Transformation and Options

East Kent Services Client-Side, East Kent Human Resources Partnership Client-Side, covering:

Benefits, Customer Services, Human Resources (including internal Health and Safety), IT, Revenues (including Debt Recovery)

Cllr.Michelle Fenner
Cllr. Alasdair Bruce


  1. “These appointments show that we are continuing with close cross party working at the Council." No they don't. They show you have sold out to the so-called Independents to cling on to power. Have you no shame?

  2. Those DFLs old enough to recall the way Ken Livingstone hijacked the GLC will see parrallels here in Thanet. Ian Driver, well versed in far left tactics for gaining power from a minority position, has very cleverly used the ego mania of John Worrow to get him to walk in the first instance and has then, with parity on the council existing with the main parties, joined forces with him to become kingmaker in chief. Forget the fact that the TIG site shows Worrow as party leader, a simple ploy to play to his own self importance, the main mover is Driver.

    Hart has shown himself to be a man more obsessed with title than honour, but it is surprising that all the Labour councillors, many of whom are true democrats, have gone along with this charade. Can such an unholy alliance last? Who knows, but the prospects for Thanet are not good for we shall increasingly see national bandwagons being prioritised over local issues.

  3. So the Real Independents in the council, Cllr Tom King and Cllr Bob Grove have been sidelined because they were unwilling to sell out. Good on you Tom and Bob, topple the pretenders.


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