Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vote Independent and Green Party

Ian Driver, the  Independent KCC election candidate for  Ramsgate, has called upon everyone who intends to vote for him tomorrow, to use their second vote to vote for the Green Party.
Said Driver,” I have carefully studied the policies of all the parties standing for the KCC election in Ramsgate and although I am independent, I think that the Green Party has by far the best and most sensible policies out of  all the big parties”.
"If you intend to vote for me tomorrow, please use your second vote to vote for the Green Party. Like me the Green Party  are opposed to the Ramsgate Pleasurama disaster, like me they are opposed to corruption and secrecy in local government & like me they oppose live animal exports".
If you want to find out  more about my election policies visit my  blogsite
published and promoted by Ian Driver 45 Sea View Road, CT101BX

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