Thursday, 30 May 2013


Thanet District Council is to launch a ten week public consultation on the issues and options for a new Local Plan next month (June).
Cabinet members last night (Wednesday 29 May) approved the document for consultation.
The consultation will be used to inform the development of the Local Plan, which once adopted, will be council’s overarching planning policy document covering the whole district up to 2031.
The Local Plan is a statutory document which all planning authorities are required to produce. It guides decisions on development and regeneration across Thanet and sets out how and where homes, jobs, community facilities, shops and infrastructure will be delivered.
The council is producing a new Local Plan following changes to the planning system over the last two years. This will now see the adoption of a new single Local Plan document rather than a Core Strategy and Site Allocation documents.
This proposed Issues and Options Consultation will launch on Tuesday 4 June, and is the first of three stages of public consultation to take place in producing the new Local Plan.
The consultation document identifies 19 issues across four topic areas of Economy, Housing, Environment and Quality of Life, and Transport. The document sets out background information and evidence, and identifies options for dealing with each of the issues. This is accompanied by a consultation questionnaire, which sets out questions in relation to each issue.
The consultation document and questionnaire will be available to complete online at from Tuesday 4 June.
A number of consultation events will be held during the ten week period, including a stakeholder conference, targeted workshops and focus groups. Drop-in sessions at key venues across the district will also be held for members of the public to provide more information on the issues and options and for assistance completing the questionnaire.
Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, Cllr. David Green, said: “This consultation is vital to ensure that our new Local Plan reflects the aspirations of the local community. The Local Plan is a significant document for the council and will be used to ensure that the district is developed in the right way between now and 2031. This is the first phase of public consultation and the feedback we receive at this stage will be used to help us shape how the plan develops later on.
“The scope of the Local Plan is vast, and national government requires it to be sound, justified and realistic. For this reason we’ve included a great level of detail within the document to evidence the issues we face within Thanet and the options we’re considering to address them.
“We’ll be doing all we can throughout the consultation period to work with our partners and local people to ensure that the information provided is clear and to offer every opportunity for people to comment on the options.”
Full details of how to take part will be published widely at the launch of the consultation.

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