Friday, 10 May 2013


Results have been declared for two by-elections in Thanet, with new members decided for Thanet District Council and for Ramsgate Town Council.  

It follows polling on Thursday (9 May), where residents of Cliftonville East Ward in Margate voted for a new member to fill a vacancy on Thanet District Council and residents of Northwood Ward in Ramsgate also voted for a new member to fill a vacancy on the Ramsgate Town Council following the resignation of Cllr. Ian Driver.

The results are as follows:
Electoral Division
Candidate Elected
Thanet District Council
Cliftonville East Ward

 Rozanne Duncan UKIP
Ramsgate Town CouncilNorthwood Ward Trevor Leslie Shonk UKIP
 Full details of the by-election results and statistics can be found on the council’s website:
 Cliftonville East:

Ramsgate Northwood:


  1. Boo! More doublehatters and elderly duffers. We don't need them and shouldn't pay for them. Boo! Slow handclap! Boo!

    1. Seems the electorate think otherwise, old bean.

    2. Not at all over 70% of the electorate didn't support the councillors. Hardly a ringing endorsement old chap.

      And who agreed that the same person would sit in several seats? Next you'll be telling us that TDC is an excellent council.

      Several of the Spanish corrupt seaside councils get dissolved and court cases etc which seems apt.

    3. If people do not use their vote they can hardly complain at the result nor can others make any asumption about which way they might have voted. Your ageism is also offensive and there are laws about as there are on race.

    4. Unfortunately the current ageism legislation seems to favour the old instead of the young, otherwise Dr Moores would be in trouble!

    5. Unfortunately they can complain councillor - and given TDC is so abysmal that's nit unreasonable. As I say 31% turnout shows a failure of the political process as does doublehatters.

      I don't think there's any ageism here just a description of elderly duffers, if not gangs of feral pensioners failing the public. I'd be more concerned about being a duffer - or forgetting the corruption at TDC. There's laws on racism and many other things including negligence.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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