Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sandys Welcomes Strong New Immigration Measures

Sandys Welcomes Strong New Immigration Measures
Speaking after the Queen’s Speech, Laura Sandys said, “Under Labour immigration spiralled out of control, but this Government has already reduced net immigration by a third. The further measures announced today will go a long way to ensure that our public services are for those that have paid for them all their lives – not for new arrivals”.
“Many Thanet residents have also expressed their frustration at Labour’s Human Rights Act. For too long criminals that we should have deported have been able to stay here because of this law – this will now be reformed.”
The new reforms will be introduced to ensure that new immigrants do not abuse British institutions:
• Immigrants accessing the NHS will now need to contribute to the system.
• Landlords of private housing will be required to check the immigration status of their tenants to stop illegal immigrants residing in the UK.

• We will legislate to stop Article 8 of the Human Rights Act (right to family life) from being abused.

This Government is already:

• Cutting access to benefits for non-UK nationals after six months. From January 2014 European nationals will no longer be able to keep their status as a job seeker and continue to claim benefits, unless they can demonstrate they have a genuine chance of finding work.

• Stopping those who have no right to work in the UK from claiming contributory benefits. Closing this loophole will prevent the payment of contributory benefits to those with no right to work in the UK.

• Stopping ‘Something for Nothing’ in social housing. Local councils will be expected to introduce a local residency test when deciding who should qualify for social housing.

• Stopping health tourism. The Government will stop the expectation that our health service is free to the entire world and will take new steps to ensure the NHS can claim back money that is owed for NHS treatment provided to those not entitled to it.

The Queen’s Speech can be read in full here:


  1. All policies that exist already. And shifting the burden to the private sector. And Sandys etc have had 3 years to sort out.

    Are we meant to be impressed?

    What about Pleasurama and foreign tax haven investments? Or flights into Manston without customs checks at nights or weekends?

  2. These overflights are becoming more problematic. The KLM flights again and a Cargolux and unmarked jumbo jet today before noon. All of them should go via the rural end to pollute Herne Bay. What has Sandys been doing?


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