Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Parents of children at Cliftonville Primary School have started a petition on the Kent County Council (KCC) website for a zebra crossing to be installed, after complaints that the road is too busy to cross safely with children.

Parents and staff at the school in Margate have also raised concerns about the high curbs outside the building, which are unsuitable for prams, with their new Kent County Councillor Will Scobie.

Cllr Scobie has now arranged to meet Andy Somers, the Executive Head Teacher of Cliftonville Primary School, and Barry Mason, Cliftonville's crossing patrol officer, at 8.30am on Wednesday 15th May outside the school to assess the situation and see the problems for himself.

Will Scobie said, "I wanted to come down to Cliftonville Primary School when the parents were dropping their children off so that I could talk to both them and staff about their safety concerns. I have spoken to Officers at KCC and we are hopeful that we can find a solution.”

“This is the kind of hands on approach that I think we need in Margate and I am eager to help make a difference. The problems parents are having outside the school have needed to be addressed for years and I’m glad to be able to help."

The petition is available to sign at https://democracy.kent.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=237&RPID=5837039&HPID=5837039. It runs from 01/05/2013 to 30/07/2013.


  1. Nothing like grabbing the first opportunity for a bit of trumpet blowing and self promotion. Is this the new Ian Driver and will it be a megaphone and bandwagons next or might the wee laddie not take a short pause to find out what the new job involves.

  2. Er, no. Will's a very good councillor and helped me out when I needed a disabled parking bay outside my house. You can't tar everyone with the same brush. Even Ian Driver has his good points.

  3. Replies
    1. Possibly Will and Ian have the same good points. Great at bullshitting the public, but then only time will tell. One is dyed in the wool whilst the other has time to learn. Just a shame he could not have done it in a proper job for a bit first.


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