Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Former Thanet MP Jonathan Aitken says Thanet will not accept disgraced ex-council leader Sandy Ezekiel back in public life.

Speaking exclusively to Thanet Watch magazine, controversial ex-government minister Aitken said: “The people of Thanet are forgiving – but not that forgiving.”

In 2004 members of Thanet’s Conservative Party proposed asking Aitken to return as their candidate for the 2005 elections, but were overruled by the then party boss, Michael Howard.

Aitken also offered his advice to Ezekiel, who earlier this year was imprisoned for 18 months for misconduct in public office. In particular he says that coming out of prison is more difficult than going into prison.

In 1999 Aitken was, like Ezekiel, sentenced to 18 months in prison. His conviction was for perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Aitken and Ezekiel were sent to the same prison, Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey.

Thanet Watch is a non-for-profit monthly magazine which has been called the “Private Eye” of Thanet. It regularly carries articles about cases of corruption in the area, as well as full entertainments listings and items written by local people.  

THANET WATCH magazine is available in newsagents across Thanet. For more information ring 07989 070843


  1. If the comic Thanet watch is "not for profit", why has it's price been increased 33%?

    Who has called this comic the “Private Eye” of Thanet?

  2. Private Eye is an established, well researched, always topical journal produced by professionals.
    Thanet Watch is none of those things.
    I did see a copy once. That was more than enough. I would rather give the cover price to one of the druggies who hang around expectorating, urinating and vomiting in Northdown Road by St Paul's Church.
    Even they, unfortunate that they are,deserve more respect than the self serving morons who expect us to vote for them today. [Can't get a proper job mate? Stand for KCC, it pays well for sod all effort]

    1. Thanet Watch is a politically motivated rag producing poorly researched, not very well written and biased stories. Hans Christian Anderson was more truthful and considerably more literate.


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