Tuesday, 28 May 2013


As controversy continues about the Mary Portas TV programme about Margate, the new issue of THANET WATCH magazine tells the story the viewers' didn't see.

Drawing on inside sources and exclusive video footage filmed at the time, THANET WATCH describes how the TV programmer makers tried to control Margate Town Team AND how Mary Portas herself dramatically intervened to shape events.

But the magazine also reveals other off-camera shenanigans and sheds light on the role of Thanet Council in the process which led to the shock resignation of key players in the Town Team.

Said THANET WATCH editor Norman Thomas: "I believe the hard efforts of the volunteers who won Margate's bid to become a Portas Town were undermined by people only really interested in making a reality TV show.

"There needs to be a serious public investigation into the making of this programme," said Mr Thomas, "and it must look closely at the roles of both the government and of Thanet council."

If you want to know what really went on when Mary Portas came to Margate, get the new issue of THANET WATCH in newsagents across Thanet now, price 80p


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  1. I wonder if there is anyone naive enough to give the red hall club 80p (they never did try to justify their rampant profitering leading to the 30% price rise of their rag) to try to find "what really went on" on any subject.

    One has to wonder why it is that the other towns involved with Portas have moved forward yet Margate, with it's luddite, nimby core, stays rooted firmly in the 50's.


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