Friday, 24 May 2013

Are you ready to ‘Sportivate’

Thanet District Council has launched a brand new sports initiative ‘Sportivate’ this week (22 May) as part of a £56 million Lottery programme. Available to Thanet residents aged between 14-25 years ‘Sportivate’ will be taking place throughout May and June.

The initiative, developed by Thanet District Councils’ sport and leisure department, gives participants access to six-week long courses including a range of traditional sports such as cricket, beach volleyball, handball, boxing, running and croquet. Sportivate is aimed at providing expertise coaching to anyone who currently chooses not to take part in sport in their own time and all for only £1 per session. The initiative aims to support participants to continue playing sport in their community at local clubs after the six week course is up.
Realising how important it is to keep fit and active, and as part of the legacy from the 2012 Olympic Games, the sport and leisure team have developed a number of sporting initiatives which aim to increase participation throughout the district. Sportivate which is backed by Sport England funding, provides another opportunity to encourage participation in sport.
Sport England awarded £11,500 funding to run the project. The courses will run for six-week sessions and will be delivered throughout May and June. To ensure sustainability the clubs will be run at local leisure centres, enabling positive promotion for the venue and a real opportunity for them to increase participation after the six week session ends within their facilities
Not only does it link Thanet with a national strategy but Sportivate is fully inclusive and targets participants across the age group, including young people who have a disability. During the sessions participants can work towards an event, a personal challenge or just take part to try something new and challenge themselves.
Cllr Iris Johnston, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “It is great that our sport and leisure department continues to provide these fantastic initiatives and encourage people to take up new activities.
“The six week programme is a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved and try something new. Sportivate includes a number of popular sports from the 2012 Olympic Games as well as incorporating some of Britain’s traditional sports too. As well as giving participants the chance to try something new, it also helps to promote healthy and active lifestyles across the district.” 

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