Friday, 3 May 2013


Results have been declared for two elections in Thanet, with members decided for Kent County Council and for Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council.   
It follows polling on Thursday (2 May), with local people voting for Kent County Councillors to represent Thanet electoral divisions. Residents of Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Viking Ward also voted for a new member to fill a vacancy on the Town Council following the resignation of Cllr. Christopher Wells. In that election Roger Keith Binks, Conservative was elected. 
The Kent County Council results for Thanet electoral divisions are as follows:   
Electoral Division
Candidate Elected
Birchington and Villages

 Latchford, Roger Anthony
Broadstairs & Sir Moses Montefiore

 Terry, Norman
Wiltshire, Zita Pauline 
Margate & Cliftonville

Elenor, Maureen

Scobie, William

Margate West

 Elenor, Jeffrey

Heale, Martyn Charles

Shonk, Trevor Leslie

Full details of the election results and statistics will be updated on the council’s website: 
Kent County Council Thanet Results:
Broadstair’s and St. Peter’s Town Council results:


  1. An awful result for Thanet: mainly very old or ex-Tories elected as UKIP. Or elderly bovver boy racists from the 1970's.

    Makes the area seem backward and presumably most of them will vote with the County Hall Tories anyway.

    They certainly have no specific policies of their own for Kent and will no doubt be largely ignored and then removed at the next election after this vote against the national coalition.

    It does show though how disenchanted the public are with Thanet Labour and Tories though with this thorough clearout and their cosy monopoly is over.

    Unfortunately most of the doublehatters will linger on the other Thanet councils.

    About as worse as it could be, although the massive automatic Tory majority at Maidstone has been halved to only two seats.

    A leadership challenge for Carter and King will no doubt be in the offing.

    1. Six seats actually, and with UKIP unlikely to vote with Labour, still gives the Conservatives comfortable control. Listening to the parties reps on TV after this result, one has to conclude that no lessons have been taken on board and it is business as usual.

  2. Hopefully the Tories will push through EU reforms too: hugely bloated and wasteful for what it does. That would probably mean less EU funding for Kent though.

    The duffers in their scare stories on Romania and Bulgaria work permits next year seem to have forgotten Croatia joining the EU in a few weeks. No doubt that huge influx of war criminals, gypsies and thieves has been planned for at KCC? Not quite such an effective scare story though eh?

    White Europeans joining EU and helping fund it, and not immigrating into Kent and not taking our jobs doesn't sound too bad really.

    1. Get back to your aquifer, Anon 22:05, at least you are a bit more informed on that than you are on European politics.

    2. Why, what's wrong with the aquifer?

    3. I have no idea, Anon, I always thought you were the expert.

    4. Let me help you then Anon, as an expert: as you'd expect being under the runway the aquifer is polluted by Infratil. The councillors and civil servants remain quiet on the subject despite Environment Agency reports etc. Oafs like you and KCC/TDC try and dismiss the problems in your fanaticism of having a cargo airport.

      Clearly this is a major public health concern and the airport should be closed - the Chinagate airport warehouse construction report confirmed that any pollution of the aquifer would have serious consequences. While the MODFire station confirmed its training fires use thousands of litres of chemicals.

      Again rank incompetence and idiocy deliberately endangering the public.

    5. I would have been much more impressed with your case had you not called me an oaf. The recourse to insults when I simply asked you a question totally negates anything you have to say.

    6. Yet another oafish and illogical comment - but let's give you the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. What are your views on the Manston aquifer and MODFire etc?

    7. If and when you ask a question without resorting to insults I might reply. Until then you can talk to the trees for all I care.

    8. Sounds like Holyer-style empty harrumphing about the Manston aquifer or MOD Fire 16:22 but with nothing specific to say on the pollution.

  3. i think its a great shame that michael jarvis did not get in,he was a good clr.


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