Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thanet sets the scene for potential Filmmakers

Thanet District Council has re-launched a dedicated online guide for prospective production companies who are looking for the ideal location to shoot films, music videos, photoshoots and commercials in Thanet.
It is hoped that this re-launch will enable prospective filmmakers worldwide to browse the wonderful spaces, information and services that are available to them at the click of a mouse.
Thanet has a variety of locations on offer, from its beautiful sandy beaches located in traditional seaside towns to smaller towns and picturesque villages, not forgetting being home to the only Royal Harbour in the UK. Thanet also boasts fantastic transport links including; Manston International Airport (which offers flights worldwide!) and the HS1 High Speed train to London.
The re-launch of the website is aimed to highlight Thanet as a film destination and to make life easy for interested parties. Thanet prides itself on being a film friendly area and working closely with the Kent Film Office we try to ensure that filmmakers find their perfect location.
To look at all the amazing productions we have had filmed in the area in 2012, please follow this link:
Sue Mcgonigal, Chief Executive at Thanet District Council said; “I think it is great that we are promoting all of the wonderful locations we have here in Thanet. It is a truly attractive area and provides some fantastic backdrops which continue to be popular with filmmakers.”
Tiernan Hanby, Location Manager for the Bat for Lashes video said; "We had a great experience and loved filming in Thanet again. The area is very film friendly and the Film Office is one of the most organised and helpful in the UK."
We hope that with the new pages available we can welcome many more filmmakers to Thanet in 2013!
For more information, please visit Thanet District Councils ‘Filming in Thanet’ Page on the following link:


  1. Of course, if they'd done it properly in the first place and maintained a high profile, a re-launch would not be needed. I assume TDC has a PR department/spokesperson/professional. YOU'D NEVER KNOW!

  2. It's actually a page on the TDC website cobbled together for a random press release like this so McGonigal appears to be doing something. Presumably filmmakers film on the beach and that's somehow TDC's efforts. More civil servants should be sacked more often.


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