Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thanet District Council meeting webcast,

Watch the 18 April Full Council meeting below. The meeting will be available to watch here on demand from 23 April until 7 May 2013.

Unfortunately technical issues with the chamber recording equipment means that we are only able to broadcast the first eighty minutes of the three-hour meeting that took place.

We apologise for this. Every effort is being taken to ensure the problems do not occur at future meetings.

You will need Adobe Flash player to watch the video.  If you don't have Flash player, download it at

To watch the video click on the link

On slower internet connections there may be a short delay before the video starts.


This video is the property of Thanet District Council and is subject to our copyright statement

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  1. So, over half of the meeting wasn't filmed due to "technical issues" yet they prevented other people from filming it. Hmmm.......

  2. Oh how very convenient that the 'technical issues' arose when they did. Everyone could have guessed this would happen.

  3. The technical issues waffle has happened before. Mind you, who'd bother watching these idiots. They have destroyed Thanet with their incompetence: a Plenary of Apes.

  4. It's like a communist regime. If there isn't any evidence you can deny it ever happened. So much for truth, honesty and transparency.

  5. I've just bought a shed load of tinfoil, so if any of you lot run out when your making your hats and cladding your "safe rooms" please let me know. Currently BOGOF.

  6. How much does a decent or even half decent video camera cost these days? Not a lot.

  7. Sack a few of the civil servants - they're hardly running an excellent council are they? Their replacements might be better and cheaper.

  8. A cross party group looking at this issue is a good idea as it will deter the political in-fighting, but the crucial point is that things are done carefully and full legal advice taken before any decisions are made which adversely affect the developer who could sue the backside off Thanet Council if given the opportunity.

    Only once all avenues are looked at and legal deadlines pass can decision's about freehold and leases safely be taken. Yes this situation is a mess and mistakes were made but councillors now need to look forward and learn from past mistakes not use them as a political cricket ball.

  9. The whole of the senior management including the Chief Executive needs to be replaced. If Members could rely on and trust the advice they received, they might then be able to stop blaming each other for previous bad decisions. Instead of which, the advice provided and the decisions taken behind Members backs, especially when officers get leant on, destroys any trust which is fundamental when the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, have to make decisions regarding matters that they do not and could not fully understand.


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