Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I would like to pay a public tribute to the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront who's lobbying and campaigning about Pleasurama appears to have persuaded Thanet Council  to withdraw their offer to sell the freehold of the site to failing developer SFP Ventures UK Ltd. This is a fantastic example of People Power at work.
However the fact remains that SFP Ventures UK Ltd  still have a 199 year lease on the site and they still appear to be struggling to complete the development they started 10 years.
If we are to avoid the prospect of Ramsgate's seafront being blighted for another 10 years then Thanet  Council must now  begin action to recover the lease from the failing  developers SFP and kick them off the site.
A People's Plan for Ramsgate's seafront based on what local people want and not what councillors and top council bossed think is best for us , should be the next step forward in tackling years of scandalous  neglect of  Ramsagate prime asset
Councillor Ian Driver (Independent Candidate in KCC Election)

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