Wednesday, 3 April 2013


A film has been made of the “Corruption Question Time” meeting held in Broadstairs recently.

In the packed meeting a number of speakers called for an end to a culture of secrecy in Thanet council.

One of the speakers was citizen journalist Louise Oldfield from Margate, who came to fame recently for tweeting daily reports of the court case involving ex-Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel.

She claimed that it is perfectly legal to film council meetings – and that people should be ready to do it.

“In the council chamber there is a sign which says no filming, no recording of meetings. But that sign is wrong. Tweeting or recording public meetings is perfectly legal,” she said.

On the film she encourages people to record council meetings

“It is not renegade behaviour to get your phone out and film a meeting – and you can do it.”

Independent councillor Ian Driver, who was also at the meeting, said that the only way of dealing with corruption in local government was for people like himself to be prepared to leak confidential documents.

“Leak, leak and leak again, I say,” Mr Driver said, “And I’m going to continue doing that.”

One of the meeting’s organisers, Christine Tongue, said the event was so successful, more will be mounted in the future. She said: “There is obviously a great need for this kind of gathering. We hope more of Thanet’s politicians and other figures will be happy to take part in the future.”

Edited highlights of the Corruption Question Time meeting film are available on Youtube. The whole film is available on DVD at a charge of £10.

For more details contact the Independent Media Society on 01843 604 253, MOB 07989 070843 or email


  1. In these time of austerity I think I will hang on to my £10 and miss this classic, however much it pains me to do so. I was tempted at the prospect of seeing Ian Driver saying "Leak, leak and leak," but figured I could manage without taking in what must have been an amazing performance. As for Louise, if you really want excitement, instead of boring council meetings, why don't you film paint drying?

  2. I still wish other local bloggers had spoken there too. Can you imagine how entertaining it would've been if Simon "I'm against Tesco too when there's votes in it" Moores, Tony "You disagree with me therefore you're a Labour activist" Flaig and Matt "I have absolutely no idea what's going on" Brown was there? Now THAT would be worth £10!


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