Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Improved services and facilities at Thanet’s Crematorium

Thanet District Council’s Crematorium invited guests to its inauguration this month (15 April) to see the significant improvements made following £1.5 million investment. 
Work to improve efficiency and reduce emissions started in August 2012 and was delivered with minimal disruption ensuring that this essential service remained available throughout the works.  
The improvement works are the biggest and most extensive to the Crematorium since it was opened on 10 May 1966.  
Although the latest legislation requires a 50% reduction in emissions for cremations, the project has actually delivered 100% abatement, which now contributes to improved air quality in the area and ensures that the service is ready for any future changes in the legislation. 
The project was delivered under budget by £150,000, which will be re-invested to increase customer parking and other improvements to the crematorium facilities.  
Thanet District Council Chief Executive, Sue McGonigal said: “The attention to detail that went into the project has been exemplary. The work has been completed with minimal disruption and in such sensitive circumstances. I commend the team for all of their hard work and dedication to the project.” 
Commercial Services Manager and project leader, David Gonzalez, added: “I am pleased that the project was so successful, considering the importance of the service and the challenge of delivering a large project whilst still continuing to provide a cremation service. I would like to thank our partners including Facultatieve Ltd, Funeral Directors and the Crematorium team for their dedication and commitment to partnership working.  
Notes for editors
Quote from Guest Sue Baumbach, Celebrant Officiant: “The new equipment is certainly very impressive and well thought out. The needs of bereaved families have been kept with the utmost care and consideration throughout the project.”

Richard Harvey from Facultatieve Ltd, who project managed the manufacture and installation of the new cremators and filtration equipment, said “the company was extremely pleased to be part of the improvement works and was looking forward to building a long term relationship with the crematorium to ensure the local community can continue to benefit from the service.”

List of services improved and worked on:
• Cremator replacement, new abatement system and refurbishment works represent a £1.5M investment into the service
• 2 new Facultatieve Cremators
• Ability to cremate larger bariatric coffins
• New abatement system which will abate (filter) 100% of all cremation emissions
• New side road access to remove trade vehicles from the front of house and increase parking and accessibility
• New side access gate and link road to cemetery.
• New automatic back-up electric generator
• New cold store facility
• 2 New electric biers (coffin trolleys)
• Installation of a new fire alarm system
• Installation of emergency lighting
• Installation of a central heating system
• Installation of heat exchanger to run heating from excess heat from filtration equipment which will massively reduce utilities costs
• Installation of CCTV system
• Installation of new control room for operators to improve working conditions and environment
• Installation of a professional ventilation system in the receiving room and crematory
• Improved family viewing environment.
• Refurbishment of Chapel
• Installation of 2 new pews to increase Chapel capacity by over 10%
• Refurbishment of staff mess room
• Refurbishment of receiving room
• Refurbishment of crematory
• Refurbishment of Waiting Room, Entrance Hall and Music Room
• Partial refurbishment and improved lighting in Book of Remembrance room
• Cremation services maintained throughout the project
• Upgraded external lighting including introduction of economical LED lighting
• Preperation for delivery of solar panels

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