Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Thanet District Council has today (Tuesday April 2) launched a formal consultation on the council’s draft Equality Policy and Action Plan.
The council is working harder than ever to ensure that everyone in Thanet has the same opportunities by reducing inequalities in the area and improving life for all.
The new Equality Policy will be supported by an action plan and will replace the former Comprehensive Equality Policy. This will help to guide and inform the design of departmental specific policies and strategies to ensure that they meet the changing needs of the community. It will support the delivery of the council’s Corporate Plan 2012-16 and the Thanet 2030 Vision, to ensure that the council’s priorities are delivered in a fair and inclusive way.
Sue McGonigal, Chief Executive said, “The council takes equality very seriously and is committed to ensuring that all Thanet residents are treated fairly with dignity and respect and have access to the same opportunities. We believe that everyone is entitled to receive high quality services and we will actively challenge any prejudice or discrimination.
To achieve our aims we need to understand the needs of our diverse community so it is important that all Thanet residents have the opportunity to provide their comments and I would like to encourage everyone to have their say.”
The consultation is open to all members of the Public, and the council will be contacting Community and Voluntary Sectors directly along with other local organisations.
The consultation document is available online at
and hard copies will be available in the Thanet Gateway Plus and Local Libraries.
The consultation will close on Tuesday 30 April 2013.

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