Sunday, 28 April 2013


The peace and quiet of the Park was disrupted on Wednesday 25th April when a convoy of caravans belonging to a group of travellers entered and occupied the upper piece of land without permission from TDC who are the legal owners of the land.
TDC immediately issued them notice to leave by Friday, which they failed to do.
TDC officers assessed the situation in the Park and on Fridaythey were preparing a Section 77 report in order to request an eviction notice from the Courts.
The 2 Ward Councillors, Cllr. Michelle Fenner and Cllr. Alan Poole, were in frequent contact with the Police and TDC officers. On Saturday morning they were made aware of an incident at the Park. On their arrival at the entrance of the Park they witnessed an ugly and distressing incident involving 3 male travellers threatening the owner of the Park kiosk. They immediately made an emergency call to the Police. A large contingent of Police officers arrived within a few minutes, led by Inspector David Collinson.
Using their legal power under Sections 61/62, the Police ordered the group of travellers to leave the Park immediately.
By 12 noon the Park was empty of caravans and returned to its normal activities of families walking, children playing, dog walkers exercising their pets.
Many thanks must be expressed to all the people who got involved and supported the Park users:
Many residents came forward to express their dismay.
The police were very prompt to respond to the threatening behaviour displayed by a group of travellers.
The Ward Councillors were there or in regular contact throughout and their prompt assessment of the incident enabled the quick response from the Police.
Cllr Michelle Fenner“ the Park is very precious to all the residents of Ramsgate and over the years we have always been active, fighting tooth and nail to protect the Park against any threats”
TDC officers prepared the legal grounds for eviction and assisted in all matters relating to this unfortunate situation.
Cllr. Alan Poole: “ we have asked TDC officers to do everything they can  and as soon as possible to restore the Park to its natural beauty”

The Park is one of the jewels in the crown in Ramsgate and we urge all residents to go and enjoy it, and to be respectful of all other users.

Published by Thanet Labour Group Press Office
44 Norhdown Road


  1. Well done - although presumably the park's normal cottaging, cruising and dogging activities will continue?

  2. Diversetyat its best !! What about the Travellers rights??

    1. Perhaps if they paid some council tax, and didn't treat where ever they stay as a tip, people may have a little sympathy..

  3. I have no problem with people dogging in the park, so long as they clear their mess up afterwards.


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