Friday, 26 April 2013

Council officers acted appropriately

“Council officers were found to have acted appropriately in all circumstances and there was no evidence of misconduct on the part of any council officer.” 

These were the findings of a review into council officer conduct in the matters relating to the imprisonment of former councilor Sandy Ezekiel presented to Thanet District Council Cabinet last night (Thursday 25 April). 

The review also stated that the council’s Whistleblowing Policy and Contract Standing Orders (CSO) Policy are annually reviewed and have been found to be robust. The most suitable procurement strategy will continue to be assessed as part of each procurement planning process. The council will also undertake a review of its asset disposal policies and procedures to ensure that they remain an active deterrent to fraud and corruption and prevent officers or members taking advantage of price sensitive information.  

In addition to this, the council has committed to review the Register of Member’s Interests. The review will consider the potential of extending the current limited system of disclosures required by the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests Regulations. There will also be a wider review of the Member’s Code of Conduct over the summer. 

It was also agreed to review the process in relation to hearing ‘pink paper’ reports in private session (excluding the press and public) with a view to revisiting these decisions after 1 year and the release of information into the public domain if deemed appropriate at this time. 
The council will also review its policy on the filming of council meetings. 
Thanet District Council Chief Executive, Sue McGonigal, said: “The council is committed to doing all that it can to prevent fraud, including the misuse of privileged information. I would like to reassure our residents that council officers and members continue to work together to ensure that any suspected unlawful activity is immediately reported through the correct processes.”


  1. Council officers not guilty say council officers in review by council officers. Well I never. How will McGonigal explain the 0% salaries except by barefaced porkies like this.

    This is a reminder to every councillor that civil servants will drop them in it at the first opportunity and cover themselves. Sack them.

  2. She won't mention the airport monitoring on her watch either.

  3. Mcgonegal preventing fraud at TDC? Ha!


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