Friday, 9 April 2010

Saving Jobs in South Thanet, Sandwich and our Villages

Do you work for a small company? Do you have a small company? Are you a freelancer or self employed?

Then the Conservatives will help you to make your job more secure; not penalise you for employing more people if you run a company; and stop the self employed being hit hardest. “The Labour Government’s proposals to increase National Insurance is madness. This will put jobs at risk and most certainly put a break on small businesses employing new staff. Having run my own business I know that any change in the cost of employment seriously deters you from taking on more people,” said Laura who spent over 15 years running her own company. “

In South Thanet and Sandwich with over 75% of people in the private sector employed by small businesses, any tax on jobs either to be borne by the employer or the employee, will put our much needed recovery back.

7 out of 10 low income employees across South Thanet will benefit as we will not be imposing the increase in National Insurance that the Government is insisting on doing next year. In addition our small businesses who already struggle to take on more staff will not have to find even more money to employ their existing employees.

“I have also been very concerned about how the Labour Government has seen the self employed as an easy target for taxation. So a Conservative Government would undertake a fundamental review of small business taxation matters, including IR35. We would mandate the new Office of Tax Simplification to conduct this review, with the aim of creating a comprehensive and lasting regime.

Our aim would be to create a clearer, stable and lasting tax regime for the self employed and small businesses. This review is part of a wider Conservative aim to free enterprise and small business across the UK.

“We’re fighting this election for the Great Ignored. They start businesses, operate factories, teach our children, clean the streets, grow our food and keep us healthy - keep us safe. They work hard, pay their taxes, obey the law. And the small business, the employee of the small business and the self employed have been penalised more than most over the last 13 years”

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