Friday, 30 April 2010

Community Secretary visits Cliftonville

John Denham, the cabinet minister for Communities and Local Government, has visited South Thanet to support Stephen Ladyman’s general election campaign. John visited a Cliftonville playground built with funds from the Government’s ‘Stronger,Safer Communities’ programme.

John (stooping) is pictured with Stephen Ladyman, Labour’s candidate in South Thanet, and Rachael Jordan with Harry, age 3 (in centre of picture) and Rebecca Rowden holding baby Daisy, 7 months. Cliftonville is now in the South Thanet constituency for the first time.

Stephen said:

“West Cliftonville faces some serious challenges. What it desperately needs is an MP who will fight to tackle its problems. People should look at what I’ve achieved in the old South Thanet area because if I’m re-elected I’ll bring the same energy and determination to get resources into Cliftonville.”

After visiting the play area Mr Denham went on to St Paul’s Community Centre where he discussed the issues facing Cliftonville with representatives of local community groups, local Labour councillors and other local residents.

Stephen said:

“John listened to the concerns of local people and also made some suggestions about the way forward. The Government has just given local Councils new planning powers to control the growth of bedsits in local areas and to create a register of landlords so the Council, for the first time, will be able to hold bad landlords to account if they don’t manage properties to a high standard and tackle anti-social behaviour from tenants. If I’m elected on May 6th I’ll expect Thanet Council to use those powers to the full in Cliftonville.”

“We also need to step up rubbish collection and street cleaning in the area as well as tackling late sales of alcohol from shops, to unsupervised drinkers who then behave badly. These are problems that can’t be tackled over-night and it will take time but, for the sake of decent people and hard working families, they are issues that we must face up to.”

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