Sunday, 25 April 2010

Important Information about Postal Votes

If you have applied for a postal vote ballot they should have arrived this weekend, and I would like to ask you for your support in this most important of elections.

In the three and a half years since I was chosen as Conservative Candidate for South Thanet I have met and listened to almost 20,000 electors across the constituency.

You have left me in no doubt as to what you expect from a future Conservative Government.
I promise that, if elected, we will:

Back the NHS to the hilt but ensure that more of its resources go into frontline services and cancer care.

Re-introduce tight controls on non-European union immigration with an annual cap on total numbers coming in.

Secure the free bus pass, winter fuel allowance and free TV Licence for the retired.

Extend SureStart; raise school standards and improve discipline in our schools.

Cut government waste to stop Labour’s Jobs’ Tax which will kill the recovery and threaten employment in Thanet.

Crack down on all forms of anti-social behaviour.

During the campaign in South Thanet you will have seen very little of the other candidates. At times it has felt as if I have been the only one on the streets, knocking on doors and listening to people. That is because I believe that your MP’s role is to represent your views in Parliament. I sincerely want to make South Thanet a better place in which to live and work; I am passionate about our towns and villages and will fight tirelessly to protect their interests; I have already launched initiatives to bring jobs in the green energy and tourism sectors as well as supporting our small businesses.

So if you want a caring Member of Parliament who has listened to you and taken on your views and concerns then I would ask you to give me your support at this election.
With all good wishes,
Laura Sandys

PS At the last election in this constituency Labour had a majority of just 500 over the Conservatives with all other parties thousands of votes behind. Only a vote for the Conservatives in South Thanet will be a vote to get Gordon Brown out of Downing Street.

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  1. I live in Ash near Sandwich and have still not received my postal vote (6th May) - how many votes are you losing out on due to this problem?


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