Monday, 19 April 2010

Conservative Pledge to Cancer Care Drugs on the NHS

Pledge to help cancer sufferers in East Kent get the drugs they deserve
Conservatives to scrap Labour’s jobs tax on NHS and use savings for cancer drugs

Cancer patients in Thanet and Sandwich will get access to drugs that they are currently denied under Labour if the Conservatives win the general election. “With Britain having more cancer deaths per head than Buglaria, we really need to change how we treat cancer patients. With a third of cancer drugs excluded from the NHS by National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), our reforms of NICE would speed up cancer treatment and offer more new drugs, that are currently available across Europe,”said Laura. “I have had many local residents asking me why the Labour government is depriving them of the drugs that they need. They and their families are desperate.”

Under the Conservative blueprint, the money that would have been eaten up by Labour’s jobs tax within the NHS would go straight to a new Cancer Drugs Fund. No cancer patient will be refused access to drugs that have been licensed since 2005 if their doctors say they need them.

Conservatives will also change the way that drug companies are paid for NHS medicines and effective treatments for all conditions, not just cancer, would become available on the NHS.

“The NHS is our number one priority. We are committed to helping our NHS become truly world-class. Giving local patients access to cancer drugs widely available in Europe is a key part of our plan for change and making the NHS even better.”

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