Sunday, 25 April 2010

Labour candidate produces Election 2010 video

Stephen Ladyman has produced an on-line 2010 Election Video. It can be viewed at

Ed. As it’s also on youtube I have embedded it in this post.

“The message of my video is ‘If you want to know why you should vote Labour, just look around our area’. I believe my record locally speaks for itself and if people want to know what the Labour Government has been doing for South Thanet they should just take a few minutes to tune in and watch.”

“People say they want a local MP, they say they want an experienced MP, they say they want a hardworking, honest MP. Well I’m prepared to stand on my record and let people judge for themselves. On my web site they’ll find the election video and links to everything they need to know about me to make their mind up.”

“My video might not be quite as good as Eddie Izzard’s election broadcast for the Labour Party but I hope people will take a look at it anyway.”

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