Monday, 19 April 2010


Broadstairs soprano Sarah Hale will be joined by internationally renowned musicians to perform a concert of music of striking contrasts at Folkestone on Sunday April 25th.

Stelios Chatziiosifidis, a violinist from Greece joins Sarah and Jakob Rothoff from Sweden on piano, for an intense and exciting afternoon of music, which will range from Shakespeare’s songs to the modernist Arnold Schoenberg’s violin concerto

The performance, which takes place in Folkestone’s picturesque St Mary & St Eanswythe’s Church, will also include works by American composers Dominick Argento, Ned Rorem and Rebecca Clarke.

Soprano Sarah Hale, who recently won her master’s degree in music performance from Canterbury Christchurch University, says the focus is on the collision of old and new ideas within Modernist music. Argento (b. 1927) has set Elizabethan songs by Shakespeare, Jonson and Nash. Schoenberg takes sonata form and uses it with twelve tone composition. Ned Rorem sets to music the poems of an anonymous 15th Century poet and Robert Browning.

“It’s a real pleasure to learn this challenging music and work with such gifted musicians as Stelios and Jakob. Modern music has a different language from tonal music - the music that we are used to hearing more of, such as Mozart and Handel. But when you give yourself up to these new sounds, you also access new emotions.”

Picture of Sarah Hale and Stelios Chatziiosifidis, attached.

The performance takes place on Sunday 25th April 2010 at 3.00 pm at St Mary & St Eanswythe’s Church, Priory Gardens, (just off The Bayle), Folkestone.Admission is £8 on the door
More information ring Sarah Hale on 07944469578

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