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Line the streets, get there early, stand on the left and stay local is the advice that Thanet District Council is giving residents ahead of the Torch Relay arriving.
Thursday 19 July is the date that Thanet will be welcoming the flame through the streets on its way to London for the opening ceremony of the Games a few days later.
Details of the route are available on the Thanet District Council website, along with the timings for the relay and lots of other useful information: 
The Torch is expected to arrive in Cliffsend at 09:47, before moving onto St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, St Peter’s, Cliftonville, Margate, Westgate and finishing in Birchington at approximately 14:36pm. Thanet has the Torch Relay for longer than any other district in Kent and the Flame will be carried by a total of 75 Torchbearers overall.
Sponsored vehicles handing out freebies, mementos and souvenirs will come along the route around 15 minutes before the Torch Relay itself arrives. The Relay is likely to take around 15 minutes to go past and will travel on the left hand side of each road it runs on. Traffic will be delayed behind it, but the right-hand side of each road will remain open to ensure traffic still flows, albeit slower than usual.
As rolling road closures will be in place on the day, people are encouraged to walk to see the Flame and line the streets as it goes past, rather than attempt to drive to a specific area.
 Madeline Homer, Director of Community Services, Thanet District Council said: “The Torch Relay coming through Thanet is a wonderful event for our area and one which we hope everyone will get behind, support and celebrate. It will give everyone the opportunity to be a part of the Games, just by coming out, lining the streets and cheering it on as it passes.
“Whilst this is a great opportunity for the area and it will be an exciting day for many, we are aware that for others it may cause some disruption. The council will issue relevant information to both residents and the business community and offer support where possible to deal with any difficulties the day may bring them. We will ensure people receive and are signposted to as much information as possible to help everyone to enjoy this once in a lifetime event.”
Signage regarding parking and suspended bays will be in place prior to the event. Vehicles parked along the route will not need to be moved, unless they are in one of the suspended parking bays. Vehicles remaining in the bays past the time given on the nearby signage will be towed and the owner left liable for the cost of recovery.
Schools will be playing a major part in the celebrations and school children around the district will be out to line the streets and cheer on the Relay.
Residents and businesses can take advantage of pre-prepared posters, invites and celebration packs to help them draw attention to their event, no matter how big or small, or just add some decoration to the route.
The materials can be downloaded and printed or emailed to guests letting them know about your event. You don’t have to design them or create them – just print and put them up.
Just go onto the Thanet District Council Torch Relay web page and click onto the ‘Local Leaders’ link, to find all the information you will need. 
There is also information to help you plant a patriotic garden and host a quiz night, including questions and guidance on how to run a successful event. Again, all materials are ready for immediate use.
 Expected timings of the Torch Relay through Thanet:
Cliffsend - 09:47am
St Lawrence - 09:57am
Ramsgate – 10:13am
Broadstairs -10:44am
St Peter’s – 11:38am
Cliftonville – 11:55am
Margate – 12:22pm
Westgate – 13:03pm
Birchington – 14:36pm
*These timings may be subject to some change on the day.
 Useful websites:
Information for businesses:
Information for residents:
TDC Torch Relay main page:

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