Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Angry patients are planning the first protest against changes to health services outside Broadstairs Health Centre at 2pm tomorrow, Tuesday June 19.

The protest comes after it was revealed that the health centre currently has no full time GPs to serve over 7,000 patients.

The protest has been called by Save Our Health Service, a new campaigning group, which has been formed to safeguard health services in Thanet.

Local film-maker, Christine Tongue, who is a patient with the practice, says the protest comes following the centre’s takeover by Concordia Health Ltd, a private company who own a string of practices in London and one in Dover.

“Two popular GPs left following the coming of Concordia. But Concordia assured us that they were replacing these GPS and that the level of care would not be affected and that in fact the level of service would be improved.

“Now we discover we have no full time GPs and the practice manager has resigned. And there are ongoing difficulties in making appointments.

“They claim to be in the middle of recruiting more GPs – but who’s to say they won’t leave, too?

“We’ve had masses of patients coming to us complaining about their treatment at the centre.

“We’ve even heard from the local pharmacy that there have been big problems with patients getting repeat prescriptions, some people even going without their medicines.”

“We are afraid this is the shape of things to come as the government’s new legislation kicks in  – and we want to stop it before it happens!”

More information from Christine Tongue on 01843 604 253.


  1. Let's at least have the facts straight. The two popular GPs referred to, and I was a patient of one, made a bid for the practice when it came up for renewal, but were unsuccessful.

    Concordia took over, actually brought in three GPs and started to use the two nurse practitioners in their proper role. Unfortunately the new GPs were evidently unhappy with their terms and left. The practice has operated on locums and nurse practitioners since although new GPs have been earmarked. They have to work out notices elsewhere.

    This is a problem for those of us who are registered at this practice in the shorter term, but it is not indictative of some wider problem with the health service generally as evidenced by other local practices which carry on normally.

    Many of the protestors on this issue will later protest outside TDC offices that Cllr Gregory has only been suspended for six months yet will somehow conveniently ignore the fact that Cllr Harrison has only got a one month suspension from his party. Really says it all about their bias.

  2. Both Harrison and Gregory should be sacked. They do Thanet no credit now if ever. Worrow isn't much better either. Far too many incompetent councillors - maybe that's Thanet at it's best.

  3. Yet further alarmist nonesense to further a political agenda, how transparant.


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