Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Thanet Independents support Mike Harrison’s suspension.

I support  the decision of  Councillor Mike Harrison's group to suspend him for making Homophobic comments.
Although Mr Harrison's remarks are not at the same extreme level of hatred as the personally directed telephone call  from Councillor Ken Gregory, they are still offensive enough to justify a suspension.
Cllr Worrow
Thanet Independents.


  1. Wonder if the remarks had been the other way round whether John Worrow would be singing the same tune. Perhaps I am cynical, but I very much doubt it.

  2. We see that so-called Tom Clarke is showing himself up for what he is yet again

    1. What exactly is that supposed to mean, John?

    2. PS It was the collective 'we' that gave you away again. As ever you have to give the impression you have support.

    3. I agree with Tom (though I really must try to stop doing so), so what does that show me up for?

  3. For cllr Worrows information, cllr Harrison's group is called the Thanet Labour party. I think he may have had a memory block or it could be that he is just ignorant of the fact

  4. cllr Worrow's group is T I G -Thanet Independent Group-does he now speak for all
    Independents by signing his statement 'Thanet Independents'? or is he ashamed of
    his group's name and the contempt that most people have for it.The sad thing about
    this situation is that worrow is pulling the elected Independent group down with him
    into the gutter.


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