Monday, 4 June 2012


Following a failure at the Southern Water Foreness Point Sewage Pumping Station resulting in a discharge onto the foreshore, Thanet District Council have today (Monday 4 June)  taken the precautionary measure to close all Thanet beaches for bathing. It is also advised that members of the public should stay landward of the high tide line and refrain from entering the water until further notice.

Beach cleaners and litter pickers are currently on site on the Thanet coastline whilst officers from the council and representatives from the Environment Agency and Southern Water Services fully assess the situation. It is likely that the precautionary measures will remain in force for a minimum of two days whilst this work is undertaken.

In the interest of public safety the council has placed red flags on beaches and RNLI Lifeguards are assisting in informing the public of the circumstances.

Jon Griffin, Senior Environment Officer with the Environment Agency said: "The Environment Agency are carrying out a full investigation and are working with Southern Water Services and Thanet District Council to reduce the impact of the spillages as much as possible. We will continue to monitor the bathing water quality over the coming days and will advise Thanet District Council accordingly."

Further information will be made available in due course.


  1. Southern Water and the Environment Agency are useless and someone should be sacked for this disaster. 10 tons of excrement onto Blue Flag beaches on the Bank Holiday!?!

  2. Well, I always thought Labour administrations were shit. Does this prove it?

  3. The fault is Southern Water's not TDC's so your abuse should be directed at Southern Water.

    1. Bit touchy aren't we? It was light hearted banter not abuse. Not that I don't think Labour administrations are shit but I am aware of the differing responsibilities of Southern Water and Thanet District Council. I suppose the real difference is that Southern Water only cock up on the odd occasion as opposed to daily by TDC.

  4. Southern Water are serially useless. If this pump was so important why didn`t they have a spare? Plus how often is this pump tested on load? Plus why does it take so long to replace it? Public holiday??

    And they have the cheek to put up my water bill by 11% just before applying the hose pipe ban! By the way, why is that still being applied?

    If the other utility companies plus oil and gas companies performed like this we would really be in the doo doo.

  5. BBC News confirmed they knew it was leaking out last Wednesday!!


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