Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Clllrs Ian Diver and Mike Harrison, meeting statement to Group

At a meeting with Cllr Hart today ( Monday) Clllrs Ian Diver and Mike Harrison, resolved their differences and agreed to work together to ensure an effective scrutiny process and for the benefit of the wider Thanet Community.

In a joint statement they said,
“ At a time when all residents are under a relentless attack from the most reactionary Government this country has ever seen it is essential that left thinking politicians come together to resist the damaging effects these attacks are having on our communities. We have therefore set aside our differences to work towards this common aim.
We will be making no further comments on this issue as we now regard it as closed.”

Ian Driver.                          Mike Harrison.


  1. Well done!

    Now can Moores and Worrow do the same please?

  2. How sweetly twee, especially as one of them still says on his blog that he sees no reason why he should not use the language of his industrial background, where presumably they still call a spade, a spade. Not exactly a match made in heaven.

    As for Worrow and Moores, that is a very different scenario with one, having ratted on the party that got him elected, seeking to rubbish the Conservative party and everyone in it at every opportunity since, whilst the other stands by his political beliefs. Add the ridiculous equality stance of Worrow, often deliberately aimed at provoking the religious principles of the other and these two are not going to start hugging any time soon.

  3. Who cares about these squabbling children? They're of no use to Thanet and an embarrassment to their parties.

    If Clive thinks residents are under attack from a reactionary Government then what is he doing? He is in charge now. Labour has no national policies, and certainly not from Thanet Labour. Where are the Leader and Chief Exec monthly reports?

    And why are councillors still talking of purdah for elections and apolitical Mayor roles?

    It's unbelievably ridiculous: why would you elect politicians by not discussing politics at election time or in their roles? The one time you would discuss politics is at election time and in an elected role! We hardly need more ceremonial roles. It is a good way for them not to be held to account however.

  4. So the week before the Westgate ballot and just in time for the Gazette deadline, Harrison and Driver publicly drop their problems for the greater good of Scrutiny? If that really was the reason, then the meeting Monday would have been about Scrutiny Arrangements instead of their personal problems. A public statement isn't required for politicians deciding to get on with just get on with it.

  5. as an in-election would=be councillor James what about the WC sprawl and now 132 new houses?


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