Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cllr Mike Harrison

Following a thorough internal investigation of recent events leading to him receiving a letter of advice from the police, Cllr Mike Harrison has been suspended from Thanet Labour Group for one calendar month.
Cllr Clive Hart - Thanet Labour Group Leader


  1. Not a whole month, like wow! All he did was insult some lady and then a fellow councillor in quick succession along with claiming his Facebook was hijacked. After all, don't politicians routinely dismiss the public, insult each other and then lie to get off the hook.

    By the way, in case you had not noticed, there are no council meetings during that month so Mike's suspension is going to have absolutely no impact at all. Now why am I not surprised.

    What a complete and utterly cynical shower Labour are.

  2. Come on Tom Clarke, you can't catergorise all Labour councillors as being the same, this is so unfair!
    Just think how many Tories have also brought shame to their Party in the past few years and many just in the past few months. All this diving into another party to safe guard their councillors position when they have shamed their own party has to stop. I have to spoken to many over the past couple of months who strongly object to continue through their council tax to pay their wages.

    Both parties are as bad as each other, you can not justify a comment like that.

    1. Anon, it is not the behaviour, where I would be the first to agree with you that there has been that which has been unacceptable on all sides, but the manner in which it is handled. A month's suspension is a travesty of justice and Mike Harrison should have been expelled.

      I also agree, and have written such on blogs elsewhere, that the public should have the right to sack councillors who transgress reasonable standards of behaviour, who fail to regularly attend meetings and properly represent their wards as well as those who get elected under one banner and then change sides. All that should be down to us, the public, not at the whims of local party leaders who are motivated by how many votes they have got in the council chamber. With a hung council, the expulsion of Mike Harrison could have been a disaster for Labour so it did not happen.

    2. It would have been even more of a disaster for Worrow, which is no doubt why he's been conspicuously silent on this particular example of "homophobia".

  3. May not be any meetings for Harrison but Planning is meeting on the 18th, where we expect an update on the decision to defer the application for a maize digestion plant at Ebbsfleet Farm, the deadline passing this past weekend, looking at my notes.

  4. Harrison and Gregory whould be sacked.


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