Monday, 25 June 2012


The seaside resorts of Thanet in Kent risk “sewage catastrophe” unless radical action is taken against water company Southern Water, a local journalist has claimed.
“Thanet’s economy is critically dependent on its beaches. Our environment, our health is at risk,” Norman Thomas said. “We cannot afford to allow a company like Southern Water to hold our future in its pollution stained hands.”
Mr Thomas’s statement follows research he’s done into incidents involving the water company going back to 2008. He says he has discovered a “horrifying pattern of neglect” by the company.
According to Mr Thomas his research shows that Southern Water is  “a company out of control”  and that there is every chance their negligence will “disastrously damage” Thanet’s tourist economy.
Earlier this year Thanet’s beaches were closed after the failure of Southern Water’s Foreness Point pumping station.  Heavy storms, the company said, had caused exceptional levels of debris such as tampons and nappies to block the pumps. Southern Water apologised for the spill and said it was “working hard to avoid such problems in the future”.
But Mr Thomas argues that the company’s record shows there is no reason at all to believe their apology.
“Southern Water show a horrifying pattern of neglect in their operations across south east England,” Mr Thomas said.  “Since 2010, they have been responsible for sewage disasters in Herne Bay, Portsmouth, Southampton, West Sussex, and Biddenden. In each case they’ve apologised and been fined anything from £7,000 to £50,000.
“But the point is, it makes no difference. They keep doing it, time after time. The fines and any compensation they pay are trivial compared to the profits they make. They are a company out of control.
“And it’s not just the disasters themselves. The company has shown itself ready to cover up its negligence and mislead the public. In other words, most worryingly, we don’t know the extent of the problems we’re facing.”
Mr Thomas’s full report is published in the July-August issue of Thanet Watch, price 60p, in newsagents across Thanet.


  1. How badly-served we are by Southern Water and the Environment Agency.

    At least we expect TDC to be abysmal. The officials have ignored and covered up the problems of sewers, Pegwell bay, Thor etc etc for years.

    Imagine if a private company polluted like this and covered it up. Mind you, Infratil get away with it

    1. Same old drum, 00:53? Haved you tried sleeping pills because blogging after midnight is more health damaging than all your pollution.

    2. Hardly 10:03 although your pointless scribbles could put anyone to sleep. Why do you feel the need to justify the pollution? Or the council silence for a 10 mile slick of sewage or the aquifer.

    3. Who is justifying pollution, 12:08, for I was simply pointing out the dangers of late nights, since health seems such a concern of yours. As for pointless scribbles, well since we are all heading in the same direction ultimately, what exactly is the point of anything? We just seek, in our various ways, to amuse ourselves on the journey. You have a nice day and try to get to bed earlier tonight.

  2. So, you are opposed to pollution such as Infratil and the aquifer and late nights? How reassuring especially for those of us who work late. And marginally above completely pointless. I suppose it keeps you off the streets though.

    Not sure it's that amusing either unless you've nothing better to do. Maybe Thor is more amusing. Let's hope someone sorts the pollution for you and your children or grandchildren.

    It's the sort of thing a council should do with your tax or just pretend to do so?


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