Monday, 9 January 2012

Ramsgate Harbour and Marina – Cllr Bayford welcomes award and highlights Cllr Hart’s hypocrisy

Folowing the announcement that Ramsgate Harbour and Marina has won a coveted ‘Four Gold Anchors’ from The Yacht Harbour Association, Cllr Bob Bayford, Conservative Group Leader at TDC, responded: “I welcome this much deserved award. It is a tribute to the people involved with the Harbour and their dedication over a number of years and I wish to thank them for all their hard work.

“It is a shame, however, that the announcement came with an example of shameless Labour hypocrisy.”

On 5 January, TDC Leader, Labour’s Cllr Clive Hart also welcomed the news, saying:”This announcement is great news for Ramsgate and the council and ensures the Ramsgate Harbour and Marina is once again getting the recognition it deserves.”

This contrasts starkly with his Labour Group press release of 18 November 2011, in which Cllr Hart stated “Ramsgate Port and Harbour should be our islands (sic) ‘jewel in the crown’.  Instead we’ve had eight years of Conservative rule and eight years of neglect.”

Cllr Bayford continued: “Perhaps Cllr Hart thinks he and the Labour Group earned this award in four weeks, or perhaps they merely rubbished the Harbour for party political purposes.  We know they think the press are stupid, obviously they think we are all stupid.”


  1. I certainly think the Tories are stupid.

  2. Well there is a gem of literary wit, but what can one expect from the intellectually challenged that support the other party.


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