Monday, 9 January 2012

Margate Football Club – Labour indecision and spin

The new Labour Cabinet conspicuously missed the chance to act decisively and end the uncertainty around Margate Football Club’s future.  Instead, at Thursday’s meeting it chose to avoid making a decision and instead referred the issue to full Council.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Bob Bayford commented: “After their Broadstairs fireworks debacle, the Labour Group is clearly desperate to avoid bad news stories and has unnecessarily bounced the decision over to Council.  The Labour Cabinet is more obsessed with headlines and spin, rather than doing what is right for Thanet.”

1 comment:

  1. Decisions were made and will be finalised within two weeks.
    No spin just trying to get it right first time round,seems reasonable to me.

    Bayford has absolutely no room to talk, during his time at the top he only ever showed us all how not to do the job, blue or red is not the issue, competence is the issue.


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