Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dreamland petition is presented to Public Inquiry

Yesterday (10th January) the Public Inquiry into the future of the Dreamland began with a final decision expected around June. For the past two weeks campaigners have been running a 'Save Dreamland' petition in support of the plans put forward by Thanet Council and the Dreamland Trust. In this short space of time they managed to get almost 3,000 signatures - the original target was 1,000! 

One of the organisers of the petition Dane Valley Ward Councillor Will Scobie said, " We would like to thank everyone that has given their support to this campaign. We know that any decision made on the future of Dreamland is going to be on a legal basis, but we felt it was important that the decision makers were aware of what the public wanted. Officers at Thanet Council and members of the Dreamland Trust have put so much work into the Dreamland project to get it this far, and we just hope that in some small way we have helped their case. It is clear from our discussions with local people that they want Dreamland open, and that they have no faith in the current owners of the site to deliver that. We hope the Planning Inspector looks at the facts of the case and the history of the site, and makes the right decision that will continue the regeneration of Margate."
Councillor Clive Hart accepting the 'Save Dreamland'
petition from Jodi Hibbert and Councillor Will Scobie

The petition was presented to the Leader of Thanet District Council Councillor Clive Hart, and then it was officially presented to the Planning Inspector in the Public Inquiry by Margate resident Jodi Hibbert who started the campaign and has been heavily involved in organising it.

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