Wednesday, 25 January 2012


A new approach is to be taken by the council in response to
Infratil’s proposal for regular night-time flying at Manston

Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Clive Hart, has signed a
decision notice, which states the council’s intention to carry out a
focused consultation in-house for a period of 28 days for Thanet
residents and in particular for those directly affected by the
Airport’s proposals.

The decision follows clarification that the proposal submitted by
Infratil is for consultation only and the proposal does not require a
planning application at this stage.  The council’s role is therefore
as a ‘consultee’ and it is not in a position to make a binding
decision in respect of the night-time flying policy.
The council is seeking advice as to whether the proposed night flying
policy, if implemented, could result in an intensification or change in
operation at the airport. This could then require a planning application
at some point in the future. However at this time, the council is only
being asked to provide a consultation response to the proposals and is
seeking the views of local people to inform its response. People can
also submit responses direct to the Airport, via its consultation page

The decision also comes after review of the findings of an independent
assessment carried out by Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd. on behalf of the
council, which challenges a number of the environmental and economic
claims of the airport.

Cllr Clive Hart, said: “Taking a new approach to our consultation is
absolutely essential given this advice.  We’re committed to listening
to our residents, and will still provide the opportunity for people to
comment on the proposals before we draft our response from the council,
as well as people being able to provide their views directly to the
Airport.  We’ve promised that we will seek residents’ views, and
we’re standing by this commitment, but on a more appropriate scale.
This issue needs to be drawn to a conclusion for the sake of the
community, the council and the airport.”

The public consultation is proposed to launch on Friday 3 February for
a period of 28 days and will be open to all residents in Thanet.
Responses to the proposals must be submitted in writing to Consultation,
Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Margate CT9 1XZ or by e-mail to Full names and addresses must be provided
with each response.

To view the proposals, and for more information about the public
consultation, please visit where information will be
available to view from Thursday 26 January.

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