Friday, 11 June 2010


New Broom Environmental Cabinet member at TDC - Cllr. Martin Wise’s first big idea for improvements at Margate Harbour prior to the Turner gallery opening, is not finding a solution to the big stink from the rotting sea weed, or removing the sand bar preventing medium sized boats from mooring or even dealing with the local tomb stoning youths. Our Martin has decided that the way forward is to employ someone to paint the lighthouse on the end of the harbour arm bright red and white!
This could well develop into a full time occupation, as due to it’s position, any paint job would last for less than a year, and by the way, Trinity House suggest it would it be a good idea to change the light bulb, as it has now been unlit for a number of years!
Cllr. John Watkins, Margate Central Ward, Thanet District Council.

1) Proposal is no. 4 of the top environmental action projects in cabinet papers for next TDC cabinet meeting 17th June.

2) Proposal is 'Paint Margate Harbour Lighthouse (colours to be decided) after appropriate consultation with public'.

3) Cllr Wise told a public meeting this week that he estimated the project would cost £10,000 every three years.

4) The lighthouse is in the most exposed and aggressive environment in Thanet - possibly England.

5) The Harbour Arm and Lighthouse are listed buildings.

6) The Harbour Arm and Lighthouse are in Margate Conservations Area.

7) Project would undoubtedly need constant and expensive maintenance.

8) In any event, £10,000 could be better spent on other more serious matters.

9) Informed bulb in lamp on top of lighthouse has not worked for two years.

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