Friday, 18 June 2010


A Margate woman, who received more than £11,000 in benefits, fraudulently claimed while she was working, has been given a three year conditional discharge.

Lesley Robins (56), formerly of Grotto Road, claimed Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Incapacity Benefit from 2007 until 2009. During that time, she was in employment with two separate employers, which she failed to declare.

She was invited to interview by the council’s fraud team and she was full and frank in declaring that she had not informed the necessary authorities of her changes in circumstance and was aware that she had received benefits that she was not entitled to. As a result, she was overpaid £6,306.18 of Housing Benefit, £1,066.64 of Council Tax Benefit and £3,909.82 of Incapacity Benefit.

She also provided a letter to the council, following her interview, saying sorry that she had failed to declare her true circumstances, but that she “had her own reasons for doing this.” She has since moved out of the area and is now living in Chrysler Avenue, Herne Bay.

The case was taken to Margate Magistrates court yesterday (Thursday 17 June) and she pleaded guilty to three charges. The Magistrates carefully considered her circumstances, as she is unwell. They said that they take benefit fraud seriously and had to consider imprisonment for the offence. She was sentenced to a three year conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £100 at a rate of £10 per fortnight.

To notify the council of a change in your circumstances, call 01843 577368.

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