Thursday, 10 June 2010

Westgate Pavilion

Thanet District Council is seeking new tenants for the Westgate Pavilion and is inviting those with suitable experience, who are interested in managing the venue, to contact the Property Management Department.

This comes after the Pavilion building was repossessed on Wednesday 9 June following the previous tenant’s failure to comply with lease conditions.

The council is keen to find new tenants for the premises as soon as possible to minimise disruption to the groups who currently use the venue.

The property is being publicly advertised. Each application will be considered upon its individual merits and the new lease will be offered to the applicant that the council considers will provide a secure future for the venue.

The property has been secured temporarily to protect it from potential damage.

Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Regulatory Services and Ramsgate Marina, Councillor Simon Moores, said: “This is a popular landmark community venue that is valued and well used by local people. For this reason we are inviting any interested parties to contact the council, so that the building can be returned to its most appropriate use as soon as possible. In the circumstances, the temporary closure of the building is disappointing and is having an unfortunate impact on the many different community groups who currently use it. I would urge anyone who feels they have the necessary experience to contact the council, so that the building can be re-opened to the public very soon.”

Interested parties are invited to contact the Property Management department to discuss their proposals on 01843 577024 or 577016.

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