Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Two tattooists have been fined £100 each, after admitting that they had been working in Ramsgate without being registered with the council.

The council investigated, after receiving a complaint from a parent that her 17 year old son had had a tattoo on his neck, which had been done by a shop in Harbour Street, Ramsgate.

Checks were carried out by the council’s licensing team and these confirmed that neither the shop not the individuals were registered. A licensing officer visited the shop with the police licensing officer, which had signs outside it saying “tattoos by Phil Simmons”. They entered the shop and asked for Mr. Simmons. When he confirmed who he was, the officers asked to see the registration certificate.

They were told that there wasn’t one for the premises and Mr. Simmons confirmed that the shop had been trading for around five months.

When questioned about tattooing the 17 year old boy, Mr. Simmons said that he usually asked for ID, but had assumed, on this occasion, that the boy was old enough, as he already had a tattoo. He was advised about checking for ID and was told that the police would not, on this occasion, be prosecuting for tattooing a minor.

Mr. Simmons (26) from Elfrida Close, Margate and the shop owner, Keith Perry (53) from Wincheap, Canterbury, were both prosecuted for tattooing without being registered with the council, an offence which can lead to a fine of up to £1,000. Mr. Perry was fined £100, while Mr. Simmons was fined £50, with both ordered to pay £50 costs and the victim surcharge of £15.

Cllr. Simon Moores, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Regulatory Services, said: “When the council licenses a premise for tattooing, our officers check things such as cleanliness and disposal of needles, before any registration is granted. That’s why anyone who tattoos or does ear piercing or electrolysis needs to be registered with their local council, so that basic checks can be carried out first, to ensure the public’s safety.”

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