Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Over the past few weeks, young people in Thanet have been taking part in a programme run by Dame Kelly Holmes’ charity, the DKH Legacy Trust and last night (17 June) they celebrated their achievements at Baypoint Leisure Club, Sandwich at a presentation ceremony.
Get On Track, which is Lottery funded through Sport England and delivered in partnership with Thanet District Council and Sport 4 NRG, has seen world-class athletes provide mentoring and support to youngsters as they get ‘fit for work’. Through committing to a healthy and active lifestyle, this will help inspire them to make positive changes to their lives.
The athlete mentors on the programme were Taekwondo athlete Romaine Bailey and Commonwealth Games triple-jumper Michelle Griffith-Robinson. These athletes used their knowledge and experience of facing adversity and overcoming the odds to succeed, to help the young people struggling to find work.

Over the past few months, the young people have been put through their paces on the programme, where they’ve committed to a range of sporting activities. Through the support of local businesses, they’ve also been given an insight into employment throughout a range of industries. Most of the students are even walking away with a job or an apprenticeship.
Dame Kelly was delighted with the group’s progression on the programme, and is looking forward to being a part of their continued journey over the coming months.
She said: “They’ve been on an incredible journey over the past few weeks, and the key focus now is for them to remain positive and keep up all their good work.
“This group can now take inspiration from the coming weeks of sport, and see just what success a determined, positive attitude can bring. Success in sport can be linked to success in life; and this is a value this group has learnt from the past weeks on Get on Track.”
Councillor Iris Johnston, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Thanet District Council said: “It has been incredible to see the positive impact that Clare, Michelle and Romaine have had on the Get on Track candidates.
“Last night I was delighted to see happy, social young adults who are now motivated to lead successful lives; it was really inspiring to meet them and we're so happy to be the first council in Kent to deliver this innovative programme"


  1. Surely young people's lives blighted by corrupt and incompetent Duffers?

    And what's this about 100 houses being built around Westwood Cross? 4th town centre by stealth again?

    1. Since the plans are available for public perusal and we can all see the footings as we drive by, hardly by stealth, 12:47. By the way, what makes you think young people do not want houses?

    2. Hang on a minute though wasn't the 4th town centre cancelled a sprawl and in-fill and causing WC traffic jams? Who said young or old people didn't want houses? There's thousands of empty houses in Thanet. Why, apart from TDC bungs and bureuacrat Grand Projects, would we be building more?

      With over 20% unemployment Young Thanet would want jobs too what are the Duffers doing having destroyed everything (largely with WC) now?

    3. As you seem to be the expert on everything, 13:35, how about you tell the rest of us how you can object to just about everything from Manston to new homes and still create jobs?

    4. Why would I provide you with free advice 14:47? Or pay tax to then do it myself? Let's hear your view O wise one as to why we're building houses on farmland when there's thousands of empty houses and WC is gridlocked already?

      And you're still waiting on an explanation of the Airshow safety zone maps without the towns aren't you?

    5. WC gridlocked and the Airshow. TDC at its best. And Margate Tesco no doubt. Did anyone reply on the safety zone maps?

    6. No one replied because it was a dumb subject and the airshow is now over.

    7. I'm interested to hear how the Airshow fiddled the safety regulations even if you're not. With planes grounded due to far better weather than we often have, clearly safety from crashes onto the towns is a real concern.

    8. No safety regulations were fiddled, they are far too rigidly enforced for that which is precisely why some of the lighter less powerful aircraft were unable to fly in the prevailing winds. There was no over flying of towns and thousands of people enjoyed a great day out.

      We are not all miserable killjoys like you, Anon 10:59.

    9. The Airshow regulations were fiddled 19:18 - as so often at Manston - the towns were simply left off the safety maps to gain permission. Luckily the weather conditions prevented most flights.

      You don't explain how KLM overflights continue?

      The planning of the Airshow was a disaster given the traffic problems from pre-sold tickets. An utter mess as always with Infratil and TDC.

    10. Air Traffic rules are far too tough to be fiddled, 10:22, you obviously were not at the airshow or you would be aware it was highly successful and well attended, the wind speeds only prevented the smaller light aircraft from performing and all the main attractions went ahead OK, particularly the Vulcan that most people had come to see, and the afternoon KLM flight took off on schedule between events.

      The airshow, by the way, was nothing to do with TDC which is why Hart has hardly mentioned it. It was his lot that cancelled the Margate Big Event that previously staged this over Margate. Oh, and in case you are unaware, aircraft over fly London all the time with hundreds of movements a day. Perhaps you should move to somewhere like Hounslow or Staines where you could have a really good whinge.

    11. Sounds like airport fanaticism 10:38 - air traffic rules are regularly fiddled at Manston. I didn't attend the event - nor did many of those who had even booked to do so. A shambles.

      TDC may have funded the Airshow or part of it there is the usual secrecy as with FerryGate

      You're confusing crappy old Manston with Heathrow one of the world's largest airports for one of the world's largest cities - you should move there if you like watching planes so much.

      How do you explain the towns missed off the CAA safety maps for the airshow?

    12. No confusion at all, dimwit, just highlighting that there are only height and noise restrictions about over flying towns, not a total ban as you seem to imply. As for the airshow maps, they would only show the areas in which events could be staged, not the rest of the world where they were not intended.

      I have also lived on both Heathrow and Gatwick flight paths and got used to it. It is part of our modern world and, until we learn some other way to beam each other from place to place, it is going to continue. Perhaps it is you that should go as you have evidently outlived your time. No doubt you still have your ration book and respirator.

    13. You're not confused 11:02, you'rte just wrong. Overflights of the towns are banned at Manston. You haven't seem the airshow maps obviously, but they don't include the towns. Leaving only the area around the runway for the event - presumably helicopters?!

      You'd certainly need your gasmask for the Heathrow flightpaths, but now seem to be arguing for not having safety standards at crappy old Manston?

    14. Overflights of towns are not banned at Manston so where you get your information beats me. I have seen plenty of airshow maps in my time and they never include areas that are outside the event area, why would they?

      I am not arguing for not having safety standards, they are essential, but you make them up as you go along. As I said before, everything from you is coloured by your hatred of Manston. By the way, you never answered the question about your ration book and respirator. You clearly do not still work blogging away all morning. At least my excuse is that I am on holiday.

    15. You're talking random rubbish 12:00. Overflights are banned at Manston, and fined: check the S106. Why do you check lots of airshow maps? Work at the airport? If so, check the ones of the Airshow as detailed above: the towns missing.

      We're agreed airport safety standards are essential - just whether Infratil/TDC have been following them. Which of course they haven't.

    16. So are you saying that the flights over Ramsgate on a virtual daily basis are illegal under the S106, Anon 12:37. What a joke you are simply making it up as you go along to suit your case. Why do have experience of airshow maps and organisation, because I used to be in the RAF and have been involved in lots of them from Biggin Hill to Waddington. What's your experience, chummy, apart from whinging?

    17. So you have no knowledge of the Manston S106 nor of the Manston Airshow maps? Of the two of us, one of us certainly is making things up as they go along aren't you. You sound like just another ex-RAF Manston chappy pretending the airport is viable. And yes the overflights of the towns are illegal and should be fined as such - go read the S106.

    18. Thanks Michael for the 106: the airport's opening hours are clearly specified as from 7am until 11pm. Why is the 6:30am KLM flight allowed (and inbound over the towns) and who approved that at TDC?

    19. Anon 16.00 you are obviously out of touch with local affairs, the council explained the position when the flights started and I covered it here on this blog.

      I guess though the underlying explanation is that if you live and work in Thanet as I do, then anything like this that provides a few jobs – I guess if you have heard the flights you will know the are not very noisy and don’t wake you up – helps in what is a very difficult situation.

      The real and underlying problem with the airport is that it isn’t EA compliant, hasn’t got an EP (environmental permit) such pollution issues that there are potential rather than actual.

      I think the suggestion that the airport isn’t compliant when it is, or that it is causing contamination of the water coming out of our taps, or that it is causing high levels of air contamination only detract from this very real issue.

    20. 17:30, I never served at Manston, though my father did, and I have no particularly axe to grind for the place other than agreeing with Michael that anything that brings a few much needed jobs to Thanet has to be regarded as some sort of blessing.

      Trust you have now read the S106 properly and discovered it does not actually ban the over flying of towns so I trust, but doubt, you will apologise. As Michael as said, your constant harping on about contamination, which is unproven, detracts from the more importance compliance issues that should be resolved.

    21. Agreed to some extent Michael except the 106 specifies 7am not 6:30. A 30 minute start for the flight makes no difference to KLM's profits or jobs but obviously does in terms of quality of life.

      Hence the 7am start that's been specified for 13 years - unless of course you view it against the pattern of Infratil and TDC nibbling at the edges of the operating guidelines to allow night flights. As a voter and taxpayer I'm aware of no council vote on this change (or the other attempts), perhaps you can refer to them.

      The flights certainly don't provide jobs but actually reduce the viability of the area - as you often attest given the rowdiness around your shop. You seem to be keen to scrape the bottom of the barrel rather than improve the area.

      Your points on pollution issues at Manston being potential rather than actual are nonsense - as you have even detailed previously and point out that it hasn't got the various environment permits, although you're tying yourself in knots as to whether it is or isn't compliant - and has the Environment Agency and Southern Water.

      You seem to be arguing for the airport to do as it likes and wilfully ignoring the pollution.

  2. Let's not forget it was our dear Sandy who wanted the new houses at Westwood Cross.

    1. Not that it will make any difference whether she did or did not for she is doomed by the rise of UKIP and Cameron's determination to push through gay marriage without a mandate. The Tory faithful just are not anymore. They will not vote Labour but they may UKIP or just stay at home making all marginal seats up for grabs.

      The thought of Labour back appals me but, as a normal Conservative voter, if that is the price to pay to get rid of Cameron then so be it.


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