Wednesday, 5 June 2013


A team of volunteers from the Broadstairs Information Kiosk have been thanked by the management board for their dedication and commitment to supporting tourism across Thanet.

National Volunteers’ Week this year takes place between 1-7 June. The annual campaign realises the importance of volunteers to our service and economy. It encourages organisations to celebrate the brilliant contribution millions of volunteers make every year across the UK.

Broadstairs Information Kiosk Management Board; which is made up of Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council, Thanet District Council, Broadstairs Tourism and Leisure Association, Broadstairs and St Peter’s Chamber of Commerce and Shepherd Neame, has taken this opportunity to coordinate an event to celebrate the fantastic efforts volunteers’ from the Visitor Information Service put into both the organisation, and tourism to Thanet.

The team which includes more than 40 local people were invited to attend the Lillyputt Mini Golf course in Broadstairs, this week (3 June), for a fun filled evening of mini golf, followed by a traditional British cream tea. The event follows on from the recent success at the Visit England Awards for Excellence, which saw Thanet’s Visitor Information Service awarded Bronze for ‘Information Provider of the Year 2013’. 

Councillor Iris Johnston, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “Thanet District Council is extremely grateful for the enormous contribution our volunteers make. They work extremely hard and it is with their help that we have achieved so much over the past year.
“It is great that the board can hold this event to show our appreciation in person, as without our volunteers the service we offer would not be as effective. Equipped with local knowledge and a great understanding of Thanet, it ensures visitors to the area receive a warm welcome, which is vital when encouraging repeat tourism to the district.”


  1. Unfortunately the paid tourism service and kiosks/VIC etc were removed first. So we're paying for a service that we have to provide ourselves or have nothing at all. Well done TDC for creating a second-class service and pretending it's an improvement..

  2. It is SO refreshing to see some people working to help improve their environment for themselves, and to make it attractive to others.

    SO good to see a group of people not whining and whinging about TDC, the government, what they think they are owed, what others should do for them, and how wrong any and every inprovement anyone ever suggests is. Anon 18:26 proves my point nicely, a good positive story about Thanet/broadstairs, and he/she turns up and tries to throw cold water over it, typical short sighted nimby full time protester!

    GOOD WORK Volunteers of Thanet, keep up the FIRST class service you provide!!


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